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Shoutout to @Supeaon for 1,000 main space edits! That's some scary stuff :)

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Who is excited for Dinosaur Isle the Movie?

Who is excited for Dinosaur Isle the Movie?
  • Yes!!! Totally!!! Can't Wait!!!
  • Nope.
  • Idk what that is ima go check bioniclesaurus' latest livestream.
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Is DIR canon ?

Is DIR canon, or it is a Dragon Ball GT: Dinosaur Island Edition ? A kind of possible future/alternate timeline ?
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Please, ignore this post.

I was unable to find out how to delete it :'v
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reddit is our new ally


just watch
Reddit Defends Dinosaur Kid Against An Internet Troll | What's Trending Now
Reddit Defends Dinosaur Kid Against An Internet Troll | What's Trending Now YouTube
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bioniclesaurus' new map of dinosaur island

...yeah. its more up-to-date than my old one...
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wake up or else
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Can somebody help me to add my series?

Can somebody add it? I'm Jack SpinoRex on youtube. If not, can somebody else add it?
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Is... is this wiki dead?
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delete test

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Welcome to the studio!

So, since I've seen many Dinosaur Island-inspired series on YouTube, I'll create a section where we can talk about making a dinosaur documentary series! :-P
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We have a Discord Server!

I may have retired, but I'll be using the forums to make a special announcement....
Well, guys, we finally have a Discord! If you want to join, click on the link: https://discord.gg/2r4zVBp
Hope you have a great time there! :-)
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Evil Users: They make the staff lose count

Since there are no games in this forum, I'll just start one myself :-P. So in this game, each staff member adds 1 to the count. Meanwhile, the regular users try to hinder the staff's progress by only saying 1. And when a user says 1, all of the admins are forced to start all over again.
Let the never ending battle begin! 1
Current High Score: 9 (killed by GigaBoss102)
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Anyone aware of this hub?
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Oh yes. I may not be very active here, but DI Revival Season 0 is out, and my mind just, well, exploded. Anyways, I would like y'all to discuss about the creation of new pages about DIR Season 0. Kthxbye
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This post is locked.

New Infoboxes

I have created some new infoboxes using Wikia`s official new infoboxes. You can check these drafts in the links below:

{{Infobox dinosaur/Draft}}
{{Infobox place/Draft}}
{{Infobox character/Draft}}
{{Infobox episode/Draft}}
So, what should we do with these drafts?

Choice 1
Publish the Drafts
Choice 2
Delete them
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"Ashes and Bones" Discussion

Let`s talk about the DI Revival episode "Ashes and Bones"
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"Anarchy" Discussion

Let's talk about the DI Revival episode "Anarchy".
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