A Watchful Mother is the fourth episode of the second season of Prehistoric Island.


It has been a few weeks since the mating season and everyone is beginning to lay there eggs. The first mother is Annabelle who is digging up her nest. She then begins to lay her eggs in her newly made nest. Lastly she buries them in the soil to hide them from predators. Malachite tries to help as well with the burying of the eggs. Annabelle now begins to protect her eggs. Malachite then rests.

Next we see Stewie and Nefertiti who also have began to build there nest while Senior goes to hunt. Back with Annabelle she has fallen asleep and small creatures are begging to try there luck with a egg. a pack of Velociraptors try there luck at the nest. A female edges closer to the nest and pulls away with a egg. But without knowing it Malachite bites the female Velociraptor. The rest of the pack flees. Annabelle wakes up and checks the nest. One egg has cracked so Annabelle eats the broken egg. She then lays back down. Malachite eats the velociraptor.

Even the herbivores are watching there eggs. Todd and his mate Trixie have laid a bunch of eggs as much. The other herd members act as extra protection for the nest. But a Gorgosaurus arrives waiting for a chance to get a egg. Later we see Daisy's nest as she tries to protect her eggs. While her mate stays away. With her brother killed Daisy is cautious about being close with another Dilophosaurus.

Back with the Gorgosaurus he has loosed patience with the herd and decides to attack the eggs anyway. But the herd stand there ground and protect there nest. The Gorgosaurus retreats but he then finds the Dilophosaurus nest. It has now been two months and it is time for the eggs to hatch. Annabelle waits for her eggs to hatch. Annabelle hers noises from the nest. It is a baby T rex. There world has just gotten a lot bigger.

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