Allan is a male Utahraptor who appears in Dinosaur Island Revival

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Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

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Allan appears nearby the large herd of Ceratopsians. He has a larger brain than most Utahraptors, in fact, larger than most other raptors. This allows him to use different, smarter and more efficient methods while hunting. Then, Shadow walks up to Allan, and knocks him over. Shadow hates Allan, maybe because of the different ways of thinking. Allan gets back up, he wants to kill Shadow, he really does. But he keeps it inside, for he would be an outcast if he attacked him. Allan and the pack haven't eaten in two weeks, and the situation is getting dire. Luckily, they may have just found a buffet for them to take. Allan and the rest of the pack have been stalking them for about an hour. Their plan is to get them all separated and pick them off one by one. However with three raptors, this may be harder than it looks. Allan had an idea, but Shadow once again, turned it down. And as for punishment for disagreeing with him, Shadow claws across Allans face. The plan is for Allan to run into the middle of the herd, and get them all frightened, with the rest of the pack coming from behind. They will attack on Shadows order. Shadow gives the order, and on that order, Allan runs into the middle of the herd, and starts biting Drax. Eventually, Allan jumps off of Drax, and starts attacking Zeus, alongside the rest of his pack. Allan jumps off and then pounces on him, ripping flesh from his neck. The fight is all over, and the raptors are now going to the forests for the rest of Zeus' herd. As the pack enters the forest, they spot a lagging Spike (DI Revival).