Anubis is a Spinosaurus, who first appeared during the very end of season 3 of Dinosaur Island, and is also known for being Spiney's grandchild.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

Season 3 Edit
"The Great Battle" Edit

Anubis makes his first appearance in season 3 episode 12, where he is being greeted by his father, Red-Sail, who had just lost his mate to Grant.

"A Farewell" Edit

He then appears in the last episode of season 3, where he is seen standing alongside his father, who is roaring at a pteranodon flying overhead.

Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

Season 1 Edit
"Royale" Edit

Anubis first appears in S1 Ep.6 Royale, with him now being a fully grown adult, who in fact has a baby of his own now. Usually Spinosaurus would go off to make seperate nests, however his father, Red-Sail, truly loves him, and doesn't want him to leave his side, and they will stay together until they die. The two then seem to be arguing about something, with this distraction, a Guanlong steals Anubis's egg. And it runs off with it. The Guanlong thinks he is safe, and he puts the egg down. However, Anubis realises his egg has been taken and he goes off to retrieve it. He encounters the Guanlong, and he doesn't hesitate to kill it. He then caries the egg back to the nest in his mouth, and he witnesses the egg hatching. Nimbus, emerges from the egg. Anubis is the first to greet him, and he sniffs and investigates his son. Anubis and Red-Sails main priority now is to look after, and protect Nimbus. And they will devote all their time and energy towards it.

Appearances Edit

  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep12
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep13
  • Dinosaur Island Revival, Se1 Ep6
  • Dinosaur Island Revival, Se1 Ep8

Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • He appears in Dinosaur Island Revival Ep.6. where we find out his name is Anubis and that he has a son called Nimbus.
  • Anubis also has a mate, however she has not appeared yet.

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