• ANightDazingZoroark

    ohai hoomanz

    today i would like to announce that you may now insert humor into articles on the wiki as much as you wish.

    there are also rules on what kind of humor is allowed on the wiki .


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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    yeah. i garnered some hate from the dinotuber community, but i still dont care. we need some new people to join this niche community...

    things to do include:

    • advertising this site
    • advertising the discord
    • make a yt video for the wiki

    i think thats all kthxbye

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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    yes, im already aware of this page, but it only contains info about its interface, not what to do in it. so here's a guide anyway

    • because its easy
    • because you have control over (almost) everything in the page
    • it gives you a chance to show off all your html skillz

    at the right of the edit button there is a dropdown button. click "classic editor". you're done. yay

    go to your preferences (you can access it by moving your cursor to your avatar and clicking "My Preferences"). then click on the "Editing" tab, and scroll down to find the "Editing experience" section. and the rest is history.

    the source editor may seem a bit complicated. but dont worry. lemme show you its anatomy.

    nothing much special other than the fact that you edit stuff here

    in left t…

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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    its been 3 years. 3 years since this wiki was a thing.

    back when i first joined, there were like only 19 pages, and the page count was rarely updated.

    until i became an admin, and around that time the page count said 100+ pages.

    then my laptop got hacked, which discouraged me from editing the wiki which i considered to be my life for pretty much 3 years.

    and now, to my surprise, i discovered that the page count said 205...

    this makes me want to cry so hard... those 2 years i have been active on this wiki... what was that even all for..?

    anyways, happy late birthday to the dinosaur island wikia. i hope that this wiki will forsee a nice future and become a popular site for dinotubers... *starts crying but then realizes that im in burger king suppo…

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  • Blazing Buffalo

    Ok, so about a year ago I announced that I would be leaving this wiki but would return when season 4 of Dinosaur Island was being aired. Obviously, that hasn't happened. However, I've had a lot of free time on my hands lately, so I'm thinking about returning for good on the wiki.

    This doesn't mean I am coming back for sure, though. Editing on the wiki used to be one of favorite hobbies, but that doesn't mean it will be again. I might not be active as I used to, but I will probably visit occasionally.

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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    er so as you might have noticed, i have like abandoned the wiki forcing the remaining admins to continue my job here. well, truth is, i lost interest in this wiki until now. as a result, i will continue editing here. just remember that i wont be active here as much as i was in the past. thats all. kthxbye

    and oh, im updating some stuff

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  • GigaBoss102

    Badges are back!

    January 15, 2018 by GigaBoss102

    Badges are now back on the Wikia! Without badges, editing on the Wikia makes me less motivated to work, for me and others. And now, with them back, hopefully, more people continue to do editing here and there! :D

    Also, some badges have had there images changed in order to better fit the theme of the Wikia, obviously being primarily focussed on dinosaurs. Happy editing everyone!


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  • GigaBoss102

    Rip Bloodtooth

    October 21, 2017 by GigaBoss102

    In honor of Bloodtooth.

    You were great character in the show, and this death has definitely been for me the best death in the series. Such a great character. Rest in peace, Bloodtooth, a fan favourite to many people,


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  • GigaBoss102


    October 20, 2017 by GigaBoss102

    I'm sorry to say, but for around a month, I will not have time to edit. Exams are coming up, and even though they are easy, I still need to revise. See you guys soon, and I hope, in the future, this Wiki becomes more active!


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  • GigaBoss102

    It may just me, but when researching characters for editing, going through DIR always feels like more of a hassle. I just feel like Camo's slow narration style makes me a bit unfocused, and the menagerie of characters always makes me think, "where should I start?". Editing for DI always feels natural and energetic, whilst on the other side of the coin... ugh... Not to say I hate DIR, not at all, in fact, it's just, when it comes to editing, I will always prefer to edit DI related stuff before I move onto DIR related topics.

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