Bloodtooth was the alpha female of a large pack of Tyrannosaurus on the south side of the Island. She is considered to be the main character of the series by most and has been on the show since the beginning.


Dinosaur Island Edit

Season 1 Edit

Welcome To The Island Part 2 Edit

Bloodtooth appears eating the carcass of a Stegosaurus, however, she notices that there is a Giganotosaurus resting nearby, and she gets a quick snag of meat and moves off. She carries off the meat towards her nest, in order to feed her baby. It starts clambering up towards her jaw trying to reach the meat. She drops the meat and lets her baby eat. As the baby begins feasting, however, she must find food herself. She lets out a high-pitched roar, which signals the baby to hide in the brush. She nudges the meat towards where her baby is hiding, she then walks off to find food for herself. However, as she walks off, she hears Velociraptors near her nesting site. She notices just in time, and she lets out a deafening roar, which ends up scaring off the Velociraptors, saving her child's life. She then goes up to greet her child, making sure he is okay.

Welcome To The Island Part 3 Edit

However, Bloodtooth and her child are disturbed by a herd of Brachiosaurus, which make there way through this forest every single year. She urges her child to hide in the brush, where he was hiding from the Velociraptors previously. Both him and Bloodtooth hunker down, waiting for the herd to pass. She knows how easily startled these huge animals are, and she continues to wait.

Return Of The Rains Edit

She and her son are seen eating a Triceratops carcass. Bloodtooth finishes quickly, and she decides to take a nap. Eventually, her son follows in her footsteps, and he decides to rest with her.

Tremors Edit

Bloodtooth appears with her son, who is slightly bigger than before. They are going of to the lake to drink. But there is a huge risk, a huge Deinosuchus now resides in the lake, and this has made them wary. Bloodtooth takes her fair share of water, with her son going off to hunt small animals. As her son has grown up considerably, the time will soon come for her to find a new mate, with her son having to fend for himself. All of a sudden, a huge tremor suddenly occurs, disrupting the Tyrannosaurs as well as other animals. Bloodtooth has a gut feeling that something bad will happen, and while she can't quite find out how. Her instincts still tell her to be wary. Suddenly, another tremor hits, dumfounding the animals. Her son cowers in fear, having never experienced a tremor before. Blood tooth comforts him, and the walk back to their nest. Then another tremor hits, one much, much bigger than before. The sheer force of the tremor knocks down giants like Brachiosaurus, aand easily knocks the Tyrannosaurs to their feet. Bloodtooth and her son cling together for life, hoping they can make it out alive. Blood tooth tries to make it back to the nest, hoping to outlast the earthquake. The baby manages to get into the brush, but Bloodtooth is knocked down by another tremor, which sends her flying off of a cliff, meeting her apparent demise, leaving her son in shock. Eventually her son falls down as well, but due to his smaller size, he manages to take less damage from the fall.

Another Day Edit

While it was long suspected that Bloodtooth died when she fell off of the cliff, it is revealed that she actually survived her fall. She is then seen stalking a Brachiosaurus, letting out a roar to signal her return.

Raining Edit

After two whole months, the drought ends on the North side of the island, giving new life to the flora and fauna, including Bloodtooth. Bloodtooth is then seen hunting a pair of Pachycephalosaurus, being Hammer, and her mate. While they graze, they are unaware they are being stalked. However, Bloodtooth accidentally breaks a large branch with her feet, giving away her position. Realising her cover is gone, she charges in. She gives chase, and she manages to catch up on Hammers mate who was lagging behind. She gets a successful hit on the old males leg, breaking it. There is nothing the old male can do to prevent his fate.

Gory Battles Edit

Bloodtooth here's the distress calls of a wounded male Stegosaurus. And she attempts to pinpoint the source of the call. It is also revealed that when she fell of the cliff, she was actually knocked out temporarily. And a couple of hours after her baby left, she gained consciousness, and she walked off herself. Eventually she finds the male Stegosaurus, and she moves in for the kill. She is about to strike, when suddenly, a Giganotosaurus strikes out of nowhere. Inflicting a nasty gash on her face. The Giganotosaurus is about to inflict the coudegrace. Blood starts filling the pond. But this is not Bloodtooths blood, somehow she managed to evade the Giganotosuaurs killing blow, in turn killing it. The Giganotosaurus, drowns in its own blood. Bloodtooth then lets out a deafening victory roar. Bloodtooth then begins to feast on the Giganotosaurus.

Snowing Edit

Bloodtooth is then seen walking through the snow. She suddenly comes upon the carcass of the old male Stegosaurus that was killed by Jasper. She goes to investigate, and see if the Deinosuchus will give up his meal. However Bloodtooth gets no such luck, and she is driven away by Jasper. This area of the island is getting colder, and Bloodtooth can't really survive in this type of weather. She decides to make the journey to the other side of the island, where the Brachiosaurus have migrated.

Season 2 Edit

Haven't We Been here Before? Edit

Bloodtooth makes a small cameo in the episode, still terrorizing the plains.

Tough Love Edit

Bloodtooth faces off against Spiney. She must have traveled from the other side off the island to this side, why she is here, we do not know. They begin to fight, however, they stop, as they both hear a gigantic roar. That being a huge male Giganotosaurus. Then, they all resume the fight, with Bloodtooth getting thrown back. She slowly gets up, she doesn't have time for this at this point, while the other two predators are distracted fighting, she wanders off. Escaping just in time.

Season 3 Edit

A New Beginning Edit

Bloodtooth reappears, and she is seen stalking a familiar Pachycephalosaurus, being Hammer. She prepares to ambush Hammer, and she strikes. Hammer notices just in time, however, and she manages to run off with Bloodtooth in hot pursuit. Bloodtooth gets a stroke of luck, however, as Hammer trips and falls into a river. This gets Bloodtooth a big advantage. Bloodtooth bites down on Hammers neck, with Hammer being barely alive. However, Bloodtooth makes a critical error, as she steps into the fast flowing river, knocking her to the ground. This gives Hammer the opportunity to get away. But Bloodtooth has a few tricks up her sleeve. In the first season, Bloodtooth had a baby, but no mate. This gave the impression that only the females looked after their young. But in fact, her mate died, and while she hasn't had any babies since, she does have a new partner. That being Rex. And he has a plan in order to hunt Hammer. Hammer tries to travel up the waterfall, as she thinks this is the best way to avoid the Tyrannosaurus. However, Rex's plan is to thrust a huge rock down the waterfall in order to knock her down. Hammer has little time to move, and she is knocked to the ground. The Tyrannosaurs look down, to see Hammer dead, however, she is actually playing dead. Unfortunately for the Tyrannosaurs, they are slightly dimwitted as they fall for it. And they begin to take the long way around the cliff to get her. However, by the time they reach the bottom, Hammer is gone.

The Hunt Edit

We see Bloodtooth and Rex at their nest. But there are in fact more than just these two Tyrannosaurus. There is in fact, a whole pack. And Rex is actually not Bloodtooth's mate, it is, in fact, the real alpha male, Grant. Bloodtooth then greets her mate, and their son, Little Tyrant Grant was not able to catch a sufficient prey item for his family. However, all the Tyrannosaurs in the pack are hungry, and they will have to go out hunting again, but this time in a group. In only a few minutes, the pack reaches the plains. Since it is Little Tyrants first hunt, the pack decides that he can only watch. And to make sure he stays safe, they leave Rex behind to look after him. This leaves only 3 members of the pack going out to hunt, being Grant, Bloodtooth and Nigel. They have been moving for a while, with some members even panting. However they spot a possible source of food, being a huge herd of dinosaurs. To us, the herd seems majestic. But to the Tyrannosaurs, they are only seen as meat. Their plan of attack is simple, first Nigel will run and roar into the herd, scattering them, and hopefully singling out their potential victim. He will then funnel the victim towards the edge of the forest, where Grant and Blootooth will be waiting to inflict the coudegrace. Their selected prey item is a large male Pachyrhinosaurus. Grant and Bloodtooth are in place, so Nigel can now start to single out their victim. The herd starts to scatter. Just like as they planned, the Pachyrinosaurus is running in a different direction from the rest of the herd,and he is now separated. Nigel ceased the chase, as the animal is almost into the trap. Grant then intercepts the animal, easily killing it. And finally the Tyrannosaur pack has succeeded in getting some food. The pack then starts to nap, with their bellies full and their minds content, the Tyrannosaurs continue their rest.

Northern Drought Edit

Bloodtooth and the rest of the Tyrannosarus pack are shown to be chasing a young vulnerable Edmontosaurus, with the chances of survival almost none for the prey item. However it veers down a hill giving it a big lead. Grant signals the pack to stop, as he knows they can not catch the Edmontosaurus now. Most of the pack stops with Grant but Nigel continues the chase. The rest of the pack call out to Nigel, trying to tell him the hunt is off. But they can't even see him anymore.

Lost Edit

All the Tyrannosaurs, including Bloodtooth are missing Nigel ever since they were seperated from him in the hunt that occurred only a few days ago. Blood tooth roars, missing Nigel nearly as much as Rex, who is by far the most upset with Nigels disappearance.

Reunion Edit

Bloodtooth and Grant have completely moved on from the lack of Nigel, they are living their lives normally now. It still feels weird at times, but they have definitely come to peace with it. Later on in the day, Little Tyrant manages to reunite with his lost brother Nigel, and he brings him back to the rest of the pack. He cries out to the rest of the pack hoping that they will turn around and see they are reunited with Nigel. But they ignore him. However, Nigel makes his return clear. The pack comes over to greet him, Bloodtooth being the second to notice. The three stare at Nigel in disbelief that they have finally been reunited. It looks like all the herbivores on the South side of the island are in more danger now than they were before, for finally after so many months of being separated, the Tyrannosaur pack is back together, and ready to kill.

Return Of The Old Edit

Near the Dark Woodland, Bloodtooth is hunting. Alone for today atleast, although we have observed the Tyrannosaur pack hunting as a group in the past, most of the time if they can get away with it they'll only send one of their pack members out to get to bring food back to the rest. With the selected member today being Bloodtooth. She walks through the forest, seeking out for any sounds or smells that may bring her to potential prey. Bloodtooth sees what could bee a possible prey animal, a couple hundred meters away, there stands a creature that is very, very rare on the island. It is a bull Moose, one of the few non prehistoric creatures on the island, and the largest mammal on the island as well. They are incredibly rare and incredibly fast. Which means that Bloodtooth must get very close to the animal before attacking. She keeps low, and eventually, she finds an oppurtunity to strike. She launches out of the undergrowth, startling the moose. Bloodtooth tries to chase down the moose. But she is clearly not fast or agile enough to continue the chase. However not being able to get food to her pack is the least of her worries. She is being watched by a angry female Carnotaurus, who is sick of dinosaurs like Bloodtooth coming into her territory, but she is more sick of the fact that she is always to timid to attack them. But she now has a cunning plan that will allow her to take on even something as powerful as Bloodtooth. She begins trying at least, to scale a large, well bigger than large, a truely massive boulder. The Carnotaurus leaps down on an unsuspecting Bloodtooth, knocking her to the ground. With her powerful feet, the Carnotaurus manages to rip a huge hole into Bloodtooth's gut. She cries out in pain, but she still manages to get up despite her injuries. At this point, most Dinosaurs would retreat, but Bloodtooth has been through to much at this point. She has been here for 3 years, 3 season's of Dinosaur Island, she's fallen down cliffs, faced massive and powerful enemies. And she will not let this little Carnotaurus get the best of her. She lets out two deafening roars, charging straight at the Carnotarus. Biting down heavily on the frail animals neck, and knocking it to the ground. The Carnotaurus is dying, but Bloodtooth will not let her suffer there, she must ensure that the Carnotarus does not survive. With the power of her huge back legs, she snaps the Carnotaurus neck. She then roars over the defeat of her adversary.

A Tough Journey Edit

As it is late Summer on Dinosaur Island, the South side of the island experiences its hottest time of the year. And the heat is especially getting to the larger animals, like the Tyrannosaur pack. Most of the pack gets to sleep through the heat of the day in the shade. But not all of the pack is so lucky. While most of them sleep, atleast one of them must keep guard for other predators. Right now Bloodtooth is the one keeping guard. Right now she is still doing a decent job of moving in and out of the sun and the shade to keep cool, but as the day grows longer, it becomes harder. The next morning, we see the pack boredly walking around their nest. It is still early enough in the day right now that the heat is not getting to them too much. The pack has been facing a big problem for the last couple of months, and no, it is not the heat, this is something much worse. It is the size of their prey. Right now on this side of the island, all of the herbivores and prey items seem to be either tiny Ornithopods, or huge lumbering Sauropods, there are almost no prey animals in between these extreme size ranges. Unfortunately, that nonexistent in between size, is the exact size of prey that the Tyrannosaurs need. It looks like after years of hunting here, that the Tyrannosaurs have finally depleted their own food supply, their is only one thing for the pack to do. Despite the fact that the North side has an unstable climate and other large predators like Charcharadontosaurus and Giganotosaurus. They must migrate their, it is their only option right now. All the pack members know what is coming. Bloodtooth takes a few steps in a northerly direction, although it doesn't look like it, this is truely the official start of their massive journey. The Tyrannosaur pack accordingly follow her. One week later. Seven days may not sound like a long time, but nonetheless, the Tyrannosaurs have made a lot of progress. Little Tyrant however begins to tire, and he begins to fall behind. Grant however manages to kill a Leptoceratops for him, in order for Little Tyrant to keep his strength up. Two weeks later, the Tyrannosaurs have moved to one of the most famous locations from the South side of the island, being the Dark Woodland. Right now though, the pack is not moving, as they are resting. However one member of the pack is not sleeping, that being Little Tyrant. However he soon encounters a young male Carcharodontosaurus, where he is luckily saved by Rex. A week and a half later, the Tyrannosaur pack are still travelling. They eventually arrive at the same cliff that Nigel almost fell down when he was seperated from the rest of the Tyrannosaurs. But it is not just that. The narrator reveals that there is something he hasn't talked about it. The real reason why the island is in two seperate sides and why some characters are constricted to the North and some to the South, is because of the location that the Tyrannosaurs have just reached. A great canyon, this is Dinosaur Islands Great Divide. It runs right down the middle of the island, in a west east direction, and separates the North from the South. This is the biggest impasse the Tyrannosaurs will reach in their migration, and it could take a very long time to cross. But the Tyrannosaurs cannot simply jump down the cliff, that would kill them obviously. But they have a way of getting across. The Tyrannosaurs will use a smaller canyon towards the West known as Spinosaurus Pass. It is named this because it is the same canyon that Spiney was in when he had his great battle with the Giganotosaurus and Bloodtooth in season 2. This pass will allow them to cross through the divide safety, well almost. It is only a few miles away from where the Tyrannosaurs are right now, and they begin to make there way closer too it.

A few minutes later, they arrive at Spinosaurus Pass. Nigel ushers for the pack to move on, but they don't, because Grant hears something, something big. The ground starts to shake, but this is not an earthquake, it is something worse. Up the other side of the canyon, is a huge herd of Sauropods, and they are stampeding straight towards the Tyrannosaurs. Bloodtooth and the other Tyrannosaurs get out of the way in time, but for Rex, it is too late. Thankfully for the rest of the Tyrannosaurs, the stampede does not last much longer, and the last couple of Sauropods leave. But the stampede was the least of the packs worries. For now, standing before them, is the thing that spooked all of the Sauropods in the first place. It is a male Giganotosaurus. Bloodtooth moves in for a fight, willing to protect her pack. They begin to tussle, and she calls for the rest of the pack to go on through the canyon, she will handle this. Grant unsure if he will ever see her again, gives her a farewell roar. As the pack leaves, Bloodtooth continues the battle, however, her neck slips into the Gigantosaurus jaws, and she roars out in pain. The pack continues down the canyon, not wanting to face the reality of her probable death. Four weeks later, the remaining Tyrannosaurs have finally reached their final impass, the rock desert. They waited for a week at the base of the rock desert, waiting to see if Bloodtooth would catch up. But she never did. They can only imagine what horrible death Bloodototh must have suffered while fighting the Giganotosaurus. A while later, Grant checks behind him and the pack to search for potential predators. But he sees something else. It may seem hard to believe, but, miles and miles behind them. Is Bloodtooth, she did survive. She roars to the rest of the pack, and they answer. She goes towards them, rejoicing. We thought for sure that Bloodtooth must have been dead, but we were wrong. She truely is the master of living and surviving on Dinosaur Island. As the migration continues, Little Tyrant collapses. Bloodtooth approaches her son. She nudges at him, but he does not get up. He is barely alive. However, in the Dinosaur world, maternal instinct only goes so far. Bloodtooth has no reason to believe that Little Tyrant will survive much longer, and she leaves him for dead. Only five days later, the pack finally arrive at their destination. Where the Rock Desert ends, the North side of the island begins. The pack has made it, finally. She then roars as she takes her first step onto the plains.

The Great Battle Edit

The animals that are doing the absolute best right now are the Tyrannosaurs. Over the past couple of weeks, the pack have been hunting, scouting out territory, and Bloodtooth and Grant anyway, have been acting a little bit amorous. Perhaps new offspring are on the way for the pack. So despite how hard their journey was last last episode, it was by far worth it. After all the territory scouting they have been doing lately, it appears that they have finally decided on this small patch of woodland, as their new nesting site. But their is something very special about this particular location. First of all, it quite resembles a woodland on the South side of the island where these Tyrannosaurs came from, the same place where the Utahraptors Razor and Violet nested in episodes two and 3 of this season, but there is something much more special about it than that. This place, is the same woodland that Bloodtooth had her baby and her nest in Season 1. Bloodtooth still remembers when she fell off of this cliff in episode five of Season 1. Nigel and Grant then accompany her at the edge of the cliff. Bloodtooth and Grant leave to go out hunting while Nigel guards the newly acquired territory. It certainly doesn't take this pair of killers too long to locate a herbivore, with their selected victim being a female Amargasaurus, a bizarre Sauropod. She and Grant begin to creep closer, and they eventually launch out at it. The chase begins, and the Amargasaurus heads straight for the edge of the forest, and soon he breaks out of it. but Bloodtooth and Grant are not far behind. They make it to the Northern Grasslands, where it seems like the Amargasaurus has succeeded in outrunning the Tyrannosaurs. However it runs into Red Sail and his mate, and it is quickly dispatched. But the Tyrannosaurs still want a piece of that carcass, Bloodtooth and Grant are prepared to fight for the food, and to fight Red Sail and his mate. The iconic battle between Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus, is about to begin, however this time, it is pack vs pack. Bloodtooth moves in and tackles Red Sail, viciously attacking each other, with Bloodtooth succeeding in biting Red Sails arm. Luckily for him, Bloodtooth breaks off the assault. She withdraws, and makes an exceedingly fast charge towards Red Sail, however she has failed her attack, and she is grabbed by the throat. She luckily breaks free, but is still badly injured. However, after Grant kills Red Sails mate, he breaks off the fight, and immediatly attacks Grant, with Bloodtooth looking on. Bloodtooth and Red Sail stare each other down, but they will not fight, they now that they are too weak to go on in this battle, they are still very angry though, angry at each other, angry at all of what has happened here, but at the same time, they know that this battle took a mass amount of strength. This was an incredible fight, an incredible battle, and the two have come to a point of mutual respect towards each other. The two know that their is absolutley no point of going forward, and they part their seperate ways. Bloodtooth moves back towards where her nest is. And when she eventually reaches it, she is greeted by her adult son, and last remaining pack member, Nigel.

A Farewell Edit

Bloodtooth is seen roaring at an overhead Pteranodon. She also appears at the very end of the episode, alongside the other main characters, Red Sail, and Blizzard.

Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

Season 1 Edit

Nightmare Edit

A young Bloodtooth has just been playing with her sister in the grasslands. Her sister however, has just ran into an ancient temple. But inside the ancient temple, is her father. With no sign of her sister. However, it is safe to assume where she's gone. She enters the room. She sees her father eating something, that something being her sister. And now, he is after Bloodtooth. Bloodtooth manages to get out of the temple, before her cannibilsitic father can get to her. Her father attempts to knock down the walls, however he is caught right under the crumbling temple and he is killed. Bloodtooth despite nearly being killed, still loved her father. She nudges him, but he is definitely dead. She now must live on her own. She looks back to see her dead father, crushed.

Appearances Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

  • DI Se1 Ep1 Part 2
  • DI Se1 Ep1 Part 3
  • DI Se1 Ep4
  • DI Se1 Ep5
  • DI Se1 Ep8
  • DI Se1 Ep9
  • DI Se1 Ep10
  • DI Se1 Ep11
  • DI Se2 Ep1
  • DI Se2 Ep7
  • DI Se3 Ep1
  • DI Se3 Ep2
  • DI Se3 Ep4
  • DI Se3 Ep6
  • DI Se3 Ep8
  • DI Se3 Ep9
  • DI Se3 Ep11
  • DI Se3 Ep12
  • DI Se3 Ep13

Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

  • DIR Se1 Ep7 (Flashback)

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Trivia Edit

  • The actual name Bloodtooth was not originally made up by BionicleSaurus but was actually first used by one of his childhood friends for the same model.
  • Bloodtooth has a son by the name of Junior.
  • Bioniclesaurus once stated that Bloodtooth is a character that will not die on the show.
  • Bloodtooth is considered by some to be the most memorable and popular character in the entire series.
  • Bloodtooth appears in the most episodes of the series out of every character.
  • Bloodtooth had an unknown mate before Grant.

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