Corytha is an adult male Corythosaurus who makes short appearances in the first five episodes of season three.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

Season 3 Edit

A New Beginning Edit

Corytha makes his first appearance in episode 1 of season 3 alongside Para and Maia, where she was then attacked by Katy the Concavenator. She was then saved by Para, escaping with some minor wounds.

The Tough Life Of A Herbivore Edit

Then in Ep.3 The Tough Life Of A Herbivore, he was attacked by a juvenile Dilophosaurus and suffered deep gashes on his neck, luckily he was saved by Maia.

The Height Of The Dry Season Edit

He made his last appearance in Season 3.Ep.5 The Height Of The Dry Season, where he was shown with a severe infection from the bite from the juvenile Dilophosaurus, where apparently he was living with the infection for weeks. Which he is described having a one in a million chance of surviving. He is the animal that is having the hardest time on the island. He is then finally killed alongside Maia by Red-Sail. His neck snapped by the huge predator.

Appearances Edit

  • Dinosaur Island, Se2 Ep12 (Potentially)
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep1
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep3
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep5

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Trivia Edit

  • Corytha potentially appeared in Ep.12 of season 2 alongside Para, who potentially were the only survivors of the massacre Silas, Dongi and Delta committed on their herd.