Corythosaurus is a medium-sized herbivore which lived during the Cretaceous Period. It's likely that its habitat was located in swampy areas.

Appearance Edit

Corythosaurus was not built for battle. It had no armor or horns, making it an easy target for hungry predators. However, since it traveled in large groups, it would be hard for a carnivore to pick one off. Corythosaurus also had a crest on top of its head, but it probably wasn't used for combat.

Nativity Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

Corythosaurus was mainly spotted on the North side of Dinosaur Island, however, it did make a short appearance on the South side as well.

Appearances Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit


Known Corythosauruses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Corythosaurus is not built for battle, and an encounter with a large predator would not go well.

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