Crash is a male Carnotaurus which appears in the first season of Dinosaur Island Revival.


Dinosaur Island Revival

Season 1


Crash appears alongside his fellow scavengers, and he and the rest of the group begin to rush Red-Sail in order to save Blizzard who was in the process of being killed by Red-Sail.

Crash attacks Red-Sails side and his leg, in an attempt to save Blizzard, but he is hit by Red-Sail's tail and he falls to the ground stunned.

After a short fight, Crash and the other scavengers eventually manage to overpower Red-Sail, and the gigantic spinosaurid retreats.

After the battle, Crash and the rest of the scavengers introduce themselves to Blizzard as well as to their leader, Smokey. Crash and the other members insist on Blizzard to join their group, and Blizzard ends up complying. Crash and the rest of the scavengers then proceed to leave the area with a new member in tow.


Crash then appears in Ep.7, along with the rest of the Scavengers, and he is seen along with Melvin, eating the corpse of a Hatzegopteryx that was killed by Sabre a few moments before they arrived at the ruins.

"The Fall"

In Ep.8, him and the res too the scavengers, are attacking a Therizinosaurus. Crash knocks the animal down with a charge, after Melvin calls for backup. Smokey then kills the Therizinosaurus, and they drag it back to their lair, where they seem to be stockpiling corpses. They are the first pack, to eat at their leisure, and not for survival, at least the first in there generation. They even take time to rest and sleep. Crash is very tired form the hunt as he was keeping an eye on the Therizinosaurus the whole time. And he and Melvin rest, while Smokey and Blizzard go out to find more food.


  • DI Revival, Se1 Ep6
  • DI Revival, Se1 Ep7
  • DI Revival Se1 Ep8
  • DI Revival Se2 Ep4
  • DI Revival Se2 Ep6
  • DI Revival Se2 Ep7
  • DI Revival Se2 Ep8




  • He is the fastest of The Scavengers.
  • Crash was originally intended to be killed off alongside Melvin but the idea was scrapped in favour of continuing the Scavengers story line.