history Edit

Delta was a deltrodmious and she was the mate of Donny. they both appeared in many episodes of season 2 and eventually teamed up with Silas but Silas left them at the end of season 2 where it was said in season 3 Delta and Donney died along with many other season 2 characters.

appearances Edit

episode 1: havent we been here before

episode 2: a bad meeting

episode 3 : I hate long walks

episode 4: new home old enemies

episode 7: tough love

episode 8: an odd alliance

episode 9: danger

episode 11:grave

episode 12: the bounty count rises

episode13: the end

trvia Edit

Delta was only the deltrodromius that was portrayed with an actual deltadromious figure.

Delta, along with her partner, mysteriously died at the end of season 2. The cause of death is as of yet unknown.

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