Dimey is a male Dimetrodon Limbatus who appeared in Dinosaur Island.


Dinosaur Island

Season 1


Dimey appears where he is seen surprising a young Brachiosaurus. He then pounces from the leaves and attacks the young animal. He climbs up the neck, and bites down on the jugular. He kills it and then he devours the fresh carcass. However, with the smell of blood in the air, the carcass soon attracts an Albertosaurus. Dimey claws frantically at the Albertosaurus face, but his foe bites down on his sail, forcing him to leave his kill to the Albertosaurus. Then suddenly a tremor hits, causing both Dimey and the Albertosaurus to be knocked off their feet. Dimes then attempts to hide under some rocks, in a frantic way to escape the danger. After the tremor ends, Dimey slowly gets up, and it appears that him waiting out the disaster paid off.

Death On the Island

Dimey is seen walking across the rock desert, with Dimey attempting to find food in this wasteland. He manages to spy something however, being a Euplocephalous. But the only way to kill a creature like this, is too aim for its vulnerable underbelly, which luckily for Dimey, he is very low to the ground, and thus, he can reach this vulnerable area. But his sail is a disadvantage, as it is extremely cumbersome in fights. But he is hungry, and he risks the attack. He charges into the Euplocephalous, with him getting a good hold on the base of his preys tail. However, the Euplocephalous breaks free, and hits Dimey in his face with its bony club. With Dimey being instantly killed by the powerful attack.


  • DI Se1 Ep5
  • DI Se1 Ep6


He is one of the most short-lived characters on the show as he only appears in two episodes.