Dino crime trail is the fifth episode of season 2 of Dinosaur Island. It was released on January 30, 2014, and runs for 10 minutes and 22 seconds


A baby Apatosaurus walks off, wandering around the islands until he spots the Dark Woodlands. Being too curious, the baby walks in, unaware that there is a predator hunting there. As it goes further, an unknown predator attacks it and kills it.

Later on, Sunny walks through the woodland, he smells some rotting flesh. After following his nose, he ends up seeing the dismembered corpse of the baby Apatosaurus. Sunny tries to gobble it up until the mystery predator roars at him and even chases him away. Sunny manages to escape, but the mysterious predator does not come out.

At another side of the Dark Woodland, Bertha is seen feeding on some leaves. As she feeds, she is unaware that the mystery predator is watching her. The predator stalks it until it leaves.

At the edge of the Dark Woodland, Don and Ian are feeding on some leaves. Don moves further and further into the trees. Ian follows him as well. But as Ian moves on, he sniffs at the camera and moves in until the mystery predator pops out of nowhere and jumps onto him. As the predator tries to eat it, it finds it`s spines too tough, and Ian manages to throw him off and escape.

Meanwhile, the Styracosaurus family is grazing in the plains. Strack, the eldest of the family, rebels against them and leaves, going to the Dark Woodlands. As he wanders off, he spots the mystery predator: a Crylophosaurus. As it attacks Strack, he flips the predator over, and charges at it, killing it in the process, and he lets out a victory roar.

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