New Map of Dinosaur Island

The map.

Dinosaur Island is the island that the series of the same name takes place on. It is divided between North and South. Please make pages for the different locations.


The Great Northern Desert

The Northern Forest

The Northern Watering Hole

The Northern Watering Hole is a place where most creatures get a drink. But what lies beneath it`s surface, is Jasper.

The Northern Grasslands

The Northern Grasslands stretch very far, and is home to a variety of herbivores.

The Tyrannosaurus Mountain Range

The Western Prairie

The Rock Desert

The Rock Dessert is an abandoned valley filled with nothing more than just rocks. The place appeared a couple of times is season 1 and only once in season 3.

Stegosaurus Lake

Stegosaurus Lake is a large lake where all the stegosaurs gather to take a drink and bathe in the warm water. Jasper used to live in this lake until he was defeated by a Kronosaurus and forced to live in the Northern Watering Hole.

Spinosaurus Pass


The Southern Grasslands

Forest-Side Watering Hole

The Dilophosaurus Hills

The Dark Woodland

Just like its name suggests, the dark woodland is a dark forest which is located on a rise, and it is seen multiple times in the second and third season of Dinosaur Island. It also makes a minor appearance in DI Revival.

The Eastern Plains

The Southern Rainforest

Other Locations

The Divide