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Dinosaur Island S4 EP2 "Cut to the Chase"12:07

Dinosaur Island S4 EP2 "Cut to the Chase"

Dinosaur Island Revival S3 EP7 The End Of An Era21:00

Dinosaur Island Revival S3 EP7 The End Of An Era

Prehistoric Island S3 Ep12 Part 217:16

Prehistoric Island S3 Ep12 Part 2

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What caused Abelisaurs to evolve?

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Blizzard is an adult male Yutyrannus who appears in Dinosaur Island and Dinosaur Island Revival.

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It's been 2 years, and the wiki is experiencing little to no activity. In fact, the only ones who are doing things on the wiki are me [ANightDazingZoroark] and GigaBoss. It's so lonely here, but we hope that until either BionicleSaurus comes back or this wiki gains some popularity, we can get enough contributors! ;-)


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