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Dinosaur Island Se3 Ep13 A farewell04:35

Dinosaur Island Se3 Ep13 A farewell

Dinosaur Island Revival S2 EP13 A New King10:22

Dinosaur Island Revival S2 EP13 A New King

Prehistoric Island S3 Ep1011:19

Prehistoric Island S3 Ep10

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Blizzard is an adult male Yutyrannus who appears in Dinosaur Island and Dinosaur Island Revival.

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Whoah! It's been a long time since this was updated! Anyways, welcome to the 'new' Dinosaur Island Wikia. Well, not really. Wikia has changed the format of most of its wikis. As a result, we have decided to adopt to these new changes. The old logo will be replaced since it doesn't fit, and there is also a banner of our favorite Blizzard on the right side of the navigation bar! Plus, the CSS will be (probably) changed, so expect to see the wiki get a revamp!

The real camosaurus, Blazing Buffalo, and ANightDazingZoroark

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