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The Dinosaur Island Wikia is a wiki where people can write and talk about:

  • Dinosaur Island by BionicleSaurus
  • DI Revival by Camosaurus
  • Prehistoric Island by Matthew the Dinosaur King
  • PI Reborn by SpinoLord
  • The DinoTuber community in general
  • Tropes within the aforementioned series
  • Palaeontology
  • Human Stupidity

Being a wiki, we are a collaborative project community bound by the above topics. We welcome all users here, and we encourage new people to make an account.


See the site's history here


Unlike the DinoTuber community which is an immature shitstorm full of 12-year olds, we here are somewhat cultured. Most of us are 14-year olds (or older) who have undergone puberty and are mature one way or another.

But too bad that we're small. At least you can join?


Who runs the site? Well, it's money-hungry faggots taking advantage of wikis and turning them into communities or fandoms our wiki host, Wikia. But this wiki itself?

Well, as a community, we got no owner, but we have people with special powers who maintain the site. Links to the staff's userpages can be found here: