The Dinosaur Island Wikia is a place where fans can share their knowledge about the Dinosaur Island series and it`s succesor, DI Revival.


May 19, 2015

Dinosaur Island Wikia was founded on May 19, 2015. Unlike what it is known today, the site rules were very strict. Editing was completely prohibited without permission from TE Matt or BionicleSaurus, becoming what is now known as "The Dark Ages".

August 13, 2015

Everything has changed when BorgyDudeMan joined. His first pages were deleted under the order of BionicleSaurus by TE Matt. Warning can be found here

September 25, 2015

BorgyDudeMan, in a fit of rage, complains to Community Central to vent his frustrations. The blog can still be found today here. Some time later, two users named RoronoaZoro64 and SniperKing1 came to help him with the case of how the wiki handles the creation of pages. Can be found here

September 26, 2018

RoronoaZoro64 gives up anyway. Borgy, well, being Borgy, ignores that anyway and continues to attempt to curry Matt's and Bionicle's favour.

Towards the end of the "Dark Ages"

Borgy's attempts to curry Matt's and Bionicle's favors have somehow been a success, and the "no making pages without permission" rule was abandoned. At the same time however, BionicleSaurus left the wiki.

November 22, 2015

The Dark Ages officially ends with Borgy ASCENDING to Admin and Bureaucrat.

Dinosaur Island

"Dinosaur Island was something I made very casually at first, especially because even I didn't have very high hopes for it as a series. But by the time I started uploading the first few episodes of season one, I could immediately see a very positive reaction by the people who watched them. Very quickly my amount of subscribers grew, and more than that I could tell that my fans where very devoted to the series, and they still are today. So in the end I have to thank everybody who has ever watched an episode of Dinosaur Island and clicked like, because If you did that, that makes you an awesome person. Yours truly, BionicleSaurus."
―BionicleSaurus` message to all his fans


PaleoMatt uploaded his first videos in December 2013, his first videos were crudely made Super Mario plush videos inspired by SuperMarioLogan (Whom he still watches to this day) and 3DS gaming videos. At first his channel had no name and was just his email and after realising he was gaining no views he deleted all his videos and went on to create TeamEndred (TE) with his friends Connor and Cal. He then started creating crude Minecraft videos with a Guitar Hero microphone, he continued making Minecraft and Nintendo videos throughout the year of 2014 and at one point even left TeamEndred for a week but then rejoined once again becoming TE Matt. On Christmas Day Matt got his first quality headset (The one currently used) and started editing his videos more, it was around this time Matt discovered the Dinosaur Toy Forum and with his love of dinosaurs from his childhood he began rooting for good models to keep in his house and found Schleich and CollectA models. He then started collecting a range of models and eventually discovered a YouTuber named BionicleSaurus who had made two seasons of Dinosaur Island, he hadn't uploaded in 8 months but subscribed anyway. He eventually kept commenting where's season 3 a lot and got a reply saying that his account was glitched, eventually me and fellow fans persuaded for him to find a new method of uploading and that is the reason why we have season 3 today. I then asked BionicleSaurus in may 2015 that we should collaborate and make a wikia, he agreed and the Dinosaur Island Wikia was born and the two have been good friends since. Eventually TE Matt had his own shot at making a Dinosaur island series on his new second channel TE Dinos, the series was very crude and was deleted off of YouTube in early December 2016, during this time TE Matt's main channel was losing subscribers so he merged the two channels under the name TE Matt and did both Gaming and Dinosaur related videos. On the 14th of January 2016 TE Matt left TeamEndred to focus on new goals in YouTube and real life and renamed his Youtube channel to PaleoMatt and eventually returned to the two channel format and added a third channel for possible mapping videos. Today PaleoMatt has a happy fan-base who are eager to hear news about his videos.