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Contrary to popular belief, staff are an exempt from local policies because they are high in power. In reality, all staff have an additional set of rules to follow, along with the local policies.

  • Follow all our policies. Even with your membership of the Dinosaur Island Wikia Staff, you are not excused of all policies, and such, you must still follow them.
  • Don`t abuse power. Once you gain your rights, don`t use them to play around the wiki, especially for those who have bureaucrat rights.

You are not a God of this wiki

Just because you have unlimited powers here doesn't mean you are the God of this wiki. You are meant to look after it, and you are looked up upon by all other users

Blocking Users

Main Article: Dinosaur Island Wikia:Blocking Policy

When blocking users, please see the Blocking Policy for reference. Please be warned that blocking users simply because they 'edit' pages and think it is vandalism is against Wikia`s Community Creation Policy. Doing so will alert Wikia staff, and you`ll be in big trouble, either this site will be closed or your account will be blocked.

Deletion of Content

While admins have power over deletion of content, please remember to put the {{delete}} template on the File page`s description, or on the top of an article. An article/file must be deleted if:

  • It is fan fiction
  • It contains content that violates Wikia`s terms of use

An article/file must not be deleted if:

  • It contains deleted content
  • It is considered an official policy by the community
  • It violates the Manual of style. Rather, warn the author/contributor
  • It contains copyrighted content. However, please ask the uploader is he/she had permission from the copyright holder


There is a lot of confusion about this topic. Admins or founders are NOT the owners of a wiki, like this one for example. Wikis are meant to be a community of like-minded fans, where everyone has a hand in making decisions as a group. As such, no single user owns a wiki, and that includes founders and administrators. Communities are owned by their members, and everyone is welcome to edit and contribute.