Whenever a user does something banned from this wiki, a block is needed. Here are the blocking guidelines for Dinosaur Island Wikia admins to follow.

General Blocking

This applies to the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Spamming
  • Link spamming
  • Threats and edit/revert wars
  • Acting rude
  • Swearing

First warning

If the offender will do any of the following mentioned above, a two-week block is needed. The purpose of this is to teach the first-time offender a lesson.

Second warning

If the offender refuses to listen and change his/her ways after the block, the offender must be blocked for a month.

Third warning

If the user still does not change his/her behavior after the block, the third block will last for six months.

Fourth warning

If the user still does not care about his/her previous blocks and continues his/her behavior, the fourth block will last for one year.

Final warning

If the user completely turns a deaf ear and does not listen to any warnings given by other admins, that means he/she has no place on this wiki and the final block will last until the year 9999.

Light Warnings

Obviously, these apply to:

These type of offenses will start of with a reprimand by an admin. If the user ignores at least 3 admin reprimands, a one-day block is needed. If the block expires and the user still does not listen, the block will be extended to two days. Then for every offense made, an additional one-day block will be made.

Other Warnings

Each of these offenses have different consequences when done.


Being underaged is a violation of COPPA and Wikia`s Terms of Use, which states that companies like our host (in this case, Wikia) will not let users less than 13 from using a website`s services, as well as not to collect information from the underaged user unless the parents approve so. Therefore, underaged users must be blocked until they are 13 years old. The 'Prevent account creation' box must be checked to prevent sockpuppetry, and the 'Prevent this user from posting on their own Message Wall while blocked' box should be checked to prevent the spamming of the page.

Posting Pornography

Dinosaur Island Wikia strives to be family-friendly, so users who post porn MUST BE BLOCKED INDEFINITELY.

Overediting your Userpage

Editing userpages does not count as a contribution to this wiki. If a user edits his/her userpage 5 times a day, his/her userpage must be locked indefinitely, then when the user has made approvable edits to the wiki mainspace, his/her userpage must be unlocked.


Sockpuppetry is the practice of making extra accounts to evade a block. If a sockpuppet account is found, it should be blocked indefinitely and the 'Automatically block the last IP address used by this user, and any subsequent IP addresses they try to edit from' box should be checked. Template:Policies

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