A block is an action that can be performed by admins as a way to enforce the policies onto a user who doesn't obey the rules. In order for admins to be unable to abuse this feature, this policy has been set to regulate blocks and warnings.




After 3 official warnings, an admin will ban the user under the following durations:

  • 1st block: 3 days
  • 2nd block: 1 week
  • 3rd block: 1 month
  • 4th block: 2 months
  • 5th block: 6 months
  • 6th block: 1 year
  • 7th block: 8000 years (is actually until the year 9999, we hope you're immortal :-P)
  • 8th block: Infinite ban

Special Cases

  • Sockpuppet account: Sockpuppets must be banned on sight. Meanwhile, the ban of the operator's main account must be extended by 1 day every time he/she makes another sockpuppet account
  • Posting Pornography: INSTANT 8000 YEAR BAN. If the ban expires and the user (somehow) continues posting porn, an infinite ban must be enforced
  • Inappropriate Username: The user must be banned indefinitely. However, make sure to uncheck the box that bans the user's IP
  • Underage: This is a quite grey area. To be discussed by the staff sometime
  • Spambots: INSTANT INFINITE BAN. Meanwhile, the operator of the bot will be warned and blocked as usual

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