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The Manual of Style is a guide that shows how articles on the wiki must be written. Please remember to apply these guidelines when you write articles on the wiki.


This is an encyclopedia

Dinosaur Island Wikia is meant to be an encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone (as well as being a place where people can talk about the wiki's topic). Please remember to write everything in the style of an encyclopedia entry. Speaking of encyclopedia entries...

Write in third person

Every encyclopedia is written in third person. This is because it helps the writing stay focused on facts and evidence instead of personal opinion. And don't use first person pronouns (like I, me, my, mine, myself, we, us, our, ours, and ourselves), otherwise, the resulting edit would appear too biased.

No bias

Keep all bias out of articles. Encyclopedias contain fact, not opinion.

Separate a long paragraph into different parts

This ensures that the text is easier to read and more comfortable to the reader's eyes.

Don't Break the 4th wall

This might be confusing, but the point is, you are only allowed to write canon stuff on an article, not stuff about the wiki's opinions on the character. You may only break the 4th wall on some sections (like trivia and community perspective)

Add images to provide context

Images add color and context to articles. Every article here should have at least one.

Trivia Sections

Trivia sections are interesting notes about a subject. While interesting, please be reminded that

  • Trivia that is basically common knowledge doesn't count. Seriously.
  • Trivia should not be an opinion of the subject or a personal note about the subject

Episode Pages

Do not add the narrator's comments on the "Plot" section

That's bias. Seriously.

Character Pages

Write in the character's POV

When writing about a character, you must ONLY focus on the character itself. Of course you can mention other characters, but only those who interacted with the character you are writing about.