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Like all wikis, this wiki has it`s own style. Follow these rules when making articles. Not doing so will end up in a block. Of course, none of these rules are set in stone. They are merely what the creators and editors of Dinosaur Island Wikia currently feel is the best way to accomplish the above goals. Keep in mind that, like Dinosaur Island Wikia itself, the Manual of Style is a work in progress, so if you come across something that's missing, feel free to either add a description of how you feel is the best way to organize an aspect of the site, or discuss possible options on the forums. Remember that everyone has a say in how Dinosaur Island Wikia is created.


Naming Articles

There are some general rules regarding how articles on Dinosaur Island Wikia should be named.

  • Article names should be in singular form, not plural. The only exceptions are things which always appear in plural form in the English language, such as binoculars or boltcutters.
  • Unless the name of the article contains a proper noun, only the first word should be capitalized.
  • Disambiguation tags may also be necessary in the title.


Disambiguation is a method when a group of pages are sorted out on one page. The bracketed terms used to disambiguate articles with titles that would otherwise be the same should be a single short word and lowercase, except when proper nouns are involved. The following are commonly used:

Disambiguation Pages
A normal disambiguation page. ex: Blizzard (disambiguation)

Article introduction

Every page should begin with an introduction, briefly summarizing the article for the reader. The introduction should give a quick explanation of what the article is about and establish its context. The length of the introduction can vary from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs. The title or subject of that article should appear in the first line in bold. Even though the article title is already listed, it's useful to emphasize the article's subject for the reader.

Dinosaur Names

Here at Dinosaur Island Wikia, we take dinosaur names here seriously. Since our site visitors would mainly consist of kids less than 13 years old, please do not use species subnames (e.x. Spinosaurus aegyptus). Subnames could be hard to pronounce, so when typing a dinosaur`s name, No species` subnames. We want to make sure our audience understands the grammar and etiquette at Dinosaur Island Wikia.

Style of writing; editing, bias, and opinion

Please remember that the Dinosaur Island Wikia is designed to be an encyclopedia, and as such should contain the best possible level of literary style. Also as an encyclopedia, it is suggested to not use the second-person in descriptions, as this is unprofessional: "You can see a Triceratops plush in the background" is incorrect, while "A Triceratops plush can be seen in the background" is preferred.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors before entering a page; if you notice factual or spelling errors on a page other than the ones you have created, feel free to correct the problems, as the Dinosaur Island Wikia is an open project. In order to avoid disagreements over factual accuracy, it is best to cite sources for controversial statements. If presenting one point of view, it is best to also present a contrasting opinion with it.

Seperate Sections


Infobox usage

Metric only

When it comes to measuring, most may use the metric system. Due to this, only metric is allowed for the sake of our own readers.

Food Restrictions

Remember, on the {{Infobox dinosaur}} template, on the diet section, please use these values:

  • Carnivore (if the creature eats meat)
  • Herbivore (if the creature eats plants)
  • Omnivore (if the creature eats both plants and meat)

Birth Type Restrictions

Remember, on the {{Infobox dinosaur}} template, on the birth type section, please use these values:

  • Oviparous (if hatches from egg)
  • Ovivaporous (if eggs hatch inside the body)
  • Vivaporous (if gives birth to live young)

Page Formats

These seperate links lead to different pages, which should (hopefully) outline the looks of a page.


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