Dinosaur Island Wikia, while being a fun place to be in for Dinosaur Island or Prehistoric Island fans, has a set of rules and regulations. These are meant to be followed by all users, editors, and staff alike. If any user is caught not following the rules, they are to be banned depending on the situation.

Editing and Creating Pages

  • Remember to follow the Manual of Style. This guide shows how articles on the wiki are meant to be written.
  • No vandalism. The following actions are considered vandalism:
    • Inserting gibberish into articles
    • Adding spam into an article
    • Removing a section or all of the content in the article
    • Badge Farming
      • Badge Farming is the act of vandalism all for the sake of obtaining badges
    • Moving pages to nonsensical or offensive titles
  • Anything that is relevant to the wiki's content goes into articles. Anything else is banished into your blogs, your userpage, and the discussions hub
  • Do not insert speculation into articles
    • Anyone can confuse speculation with facts
  • No edit warring
    • Edit warring (or revert warring, or one of the many names used to refer to this) is when two users fight over edits
    • If someone reverts your edit, don't start a revert war. Talk to that user on their message wall about their revert
  • No copy-pasting from other sites

Comments Sections

  • The comments section is meant for discussion about the article's content and notability on this wiki
    • Discussion about the article's subject are banished to the discussions hub
  • It can also be used as a place where editors can add remarks about their edit
  • No spam
  • Do not harass anyone in the comments section
  • Do not add an excessive amount of files in a comment
    • Comments with an excessive amount of files are considered spam


  • Your userpage is where you can write about yourself
  • Do not edit other people's userpage
    • This is considered rude
  • The following are not allowed in your userpage
    • Porn
    • Bad language
    • Harassment to other users
    • Personal information
      • This is for your own personal safety. Stuff that is considered personal info are:
        • Your real name. Use your own username or your real-life nickname
        • The names of your real life friends/family/relatives
        • Your age if you are less than 13 and fibbed about it in order to sign up for an account. This is a violation of the Membership section of Wikia's Terms of use.
          • You can get banned for being less than 13 years old
        • The city you live in (you can add the country you live in though)
        • The school or college you go to
        • Your place of employment


Image rules

  • Make sure the file is named appropriately. For example, "Dinosaur.jpg" is better than "Screenshot_2017411153.jpg". That being said:
    • An image about a thumbnail should be formatted as "ABS1EP1Thumb.jpg", where AB represents the codename of the series, S is the season, and EP is the episode number. The "Thumb" part of the example should be kept.
    • An image about a character should be formatted as "ABJOHNDOE.jpg", where AB represents the series` codename, and JOHNDOE represents the name of the character.
    • An image about a location should be formatted as "LOCABXY.jpg", where AB represents the series, codename, and XY represents the name of the location
    • An image about a prehistoric creature should be formatted as "CREJOHNDOE.jpg", where JOHNDOE represents the name of that creature. The CRE part should be kept
    • Screenshots meant for galleries though, can be named at your preference, as long as it does not look nonsensical
  • For images meant to be used on articles:
    • It should be in the best possible quality
    • The image cannot be edited in any way, with cropping or ups along being the only exceptions
    • You can only make a gallery page if there are 25 or more images in the original page
    • No repeating images of the same instance
  • The image has to be about Dinosaur Island, Prehistoric Island, or DI Revival
    • Images of prehistoric creatures that appear in the series are welcome here
    • All forms of paleoart, even your own, are welcome here, as long as it is about a prehistoric creature from the series covered here
    • The image has to focus on one subject, not multiple
  • For non-article images:
    • Images not used on articles can be about topics other than Dinosaur Island
    • Things placed on the internet are placed there forever. Think before you upload a picture of yourself
    • Fan art is only accepted on non-article use
      • But as aformentioned, paleoart is also welcome in article use

Video rules

  • Only upload videos by BionicleSaurus, Camosaurus, and Matthew the Dinosaur King
  • No fan series are allowed here, even if it is a 'continuation' of the originals


  • This is not Wordpress or Blogger. This is Dinosaur Island Wikia
  • Don't clog the Blog:Recent posts page
    • This prevents other people's blogs from being seen
  • No plagiarism
    • If you want to reuse another person's work, please ask permission
  • The blog must have content
    • Blogs with no content that are less than three days old will have the {{delete}} template on them
    • Blogs that still don't have content after three days will be deleted
  • Do not edit other people's blogs
    • Only the blog's creator is allowed to edit his/her own blog
  • No harassments