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Every day, these people have special jobs to moderate the wiki. ;-)


Admins are the main in-charges of the wiki. They also have bureaucrat powers as well.

Username Profile Picture Description
The real camosaurus Obviously the creator of DI Revival. He also asks for critiques and recommendations from you on his series.
ANightDazingZoroark ANightDazingZoroark is the complete expert on wikitext and editing. But he tends to be a bit of a prankster
Blazing Buffalo Blazing Buffalo is a complete dinosaur fan and a leaderboard topper. Can you beat him?
GigaBoss102 Primarily focusses on characters and galleries, making sure that every possible source of information on a character is there.

Discussions Moderator

A.k.a 'mods. or 'moderators', these people keep watch over the Discussion Pages

Username Profile Picture Description
(blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank)
(blank) (blank) (blank)


The following members have, for some reason, gone on some hiatus.

Username Profile Picture Role Description
TE Matt Founder Matt is the founder of the wiki, along with Bionicle. He is also a YouTuber, specializing in mapping videos and Pokemon videos.
Mr.GoOsEy Admin Goose is one of the most hilarious and hardworking admins on the wiki.

Fateful members

The following users once helped the Dinosaur Island Wikia staff, but due to many reasons, have stopped working or left the wiki.

Username Profile Picture Role Description Date of activity Reason for leave/inactivity
TheRealBionicleSaurus Administrator, Co- founder He`s known for creating the Dinosaur Island series on YouTube, and co- founder of this site with the collaboration with TE Matt (TBA) Felt like it was not what he thought it was.

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