Distant Early Warning is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Dinosaur Island.


William Is seen on the Northside by himself on the ground. He then goes to drink from a watering hole. But then he is accompanied by a Archaeopteryx begins roaring it's distress call. William ignores it because he can't see what the Archaeopteryx is roaring at. It turns out to be a Triceratops stampede. The bull triceratops of the herd runs into William. Injuring William and leaving him with a limp.

We then see Michael who has found himself deep in the Dark Woodland. And near him, something unexpected is occurring it is Switchblade and Katana and they are mating. Which is against the rules for anyone except the dominant pair Razor and Violet.Then, all of a sudden, he is blindsided by Silas. Luckily for the small carnivore, his natural speed and reflexes save his life, as he runs off between the trees.

We then see Mars who is on the hunt. She sniffs the air for prey. She sniffs out a Psitacosaurus. A easy target for someone like Mars. She slowly creeps up on the Psitacosaurus. She then strikes biting down on the Psitacosaurus. But unknown to her a Metriacanthosaurus was also hunting the Psitacosaurus and attacks at the same time. The Psitacosaurus is dead and the Metriacanthosaurus retreats from the Psitacosaurus. Mars is now ready to try and get rid of the Stegosaurs.

We lastly see Fang and Caroline who have been overhunting and driving the pray away. As well a Triceratops stampede knocks down a bunch of trees limiting Fang and Caroline's mobility. Fang and Caroline can no longer hunt in there territory so they leave it.

Appearing Characters