Template:Infobox CharacterFury is an adult male Allosaurus who appears in Dinosaur Island Revival.

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Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

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The Fall Edit

Fury has been stalking a Nasutoceratops for the past three days, and he decides he is ready to make his move. He then charges down the ceratopsian, and he knocks it too the ground. He then bites down on the animals stomach, killing it instantly. His efforts have finally paid off. But before he can begin his feast, he is confronted by Smokey and Blizzard, who also want this food. But instead of fighting, the two theropods offer Fury to join the Scavengers. Fury and the two other theropods begin to communicate, with Fury accepting the offer. He has been watching the scavengers for a long time now, and he knows of how successful they are. He then begins to drag the deceased Nasutoceratops back to the Scavengers lair, alongside his new companions, Smokey and Blizzard.

Battle For the Dark Woodland Edit

Fury and the other members of the Scavengers notice Shadow approaching their territory, and they then approach him. Fury and the other members surround Shadow, and they begin to inspect him. Fury then watches as Shadow is accepted into the pack. They then head back to their lair, with a new member of their group alongside them.

Lost and Found Edit

Fury appears alongside the rest of the pack, who are surrounded by a huge amount of corpses. This is because the pack have been hunting throughout their territory, and they have been killing a huge amount of prey. Why they are doing this however, is unknown. But the smell of rotting meat has attracted many insects to the area, which have in turn been latching onto Fury and the rest of the pack. If he and the pack do not eat this food, they could possibly become infected by the swarm of pests. Then, out of nowhere, three pterosaurs plunge from the sky, attempting to attack the pack. Fury notices one of the pterosaurs (a Hatzegopteryx) attacking Smokey, and he begins to intervene. He tackles the pterosaur to the ground, and he rips out its jugular. Adding another corpse to the lair.

The Red Feast Edit

Fury and the rest of the pack have noticed three huge predators approaching their lair, and they are ready to defend it. They all line up against the threat, which consists of: Red-sail Anubis, and a Giganotosaurus. The battle then begins, with Fury helping Shadow to fight Anubis. As Fury and Anubis fight, he is noticed by Junior, who recognises him from when he looked after his grandson. Junior then joins the fray, with Fury still fighting against Anubis. Anubis breaks off however, and Fury sees this as his opportunity to retreat. He knows him and his pack cannot possibly win this fight, and he knows that he must leave.

A Happy Ending Edit

Fury appears alongside Shadow, who has been brought as backup in case he is not accepted back into his pack. While Fury knows that Shadow is his friend, he knows that he has been brought alongside Shadow to intimidate Allan, who recently banished Shadow from his pack. Fury and Shadow then approach Allan, who knows he cannot possibly win this fight, as Fury is simply is too strong. Shadow is then accepted back into the pack, and Fury goes his seperate ways.

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  • DIR Se1 Ep8
  • DIR Se1 Ep10
  • DIR Se1 Ep11
  • DIR Se1 Ep12
  • DIR Se1 Ep13

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  • Fury is the strongest member of the Scavengers.