Hope is the fifth episode of season 1 of Prehistoric Island Reborn.


The episode starts with a mother Carnotaurus and her son wondering into another Carnotaurus's territory. Enraged by this the male Carnotaurus attacks and kills the female Carnotaurus. The baby gets away but is not safe just yet because he runs into a Ankylosaurus. But he is saved by Brute. Because the baby is now a orphan Brute adopts the young Carnotaurus.

We then see the Ceratopsian herd and two Brachiosaurs who are being stalked by Slash. But Slash also got a new mate named Magma. So he and Magma strike. Magma attacks Grace but Harrison charges in and saves Grace. Slash tries to attack a Brachiosaurus but he gets knocked down. Slash and Magma then retreat. But the herd is not safe just yet when Junior strikes and kills the other Brachiosaurus. He is not mentally stable after loosing his mother and maybe his sister. He is out for blood and to kill Kratos.

Next we see Draxler who realizes his pack is very unhealthy. So he decides to ditch the only other two living members in favor of Gordon who arrives. Draxler now has a new pack with Gordon. Ivy and Harley now want revenge on Draxler. Lastly we see Stan. Stan's health has gotten even worse. Gwangi and Alice still stay beside Stan hoping he will get better. It then ends on a cliff hanger with a predator approaching Gwangi, Alice, and Stan.

Appearing Characters

  • Grace
  • Alice