Jackie is a female velociraptor that appeared in the second season of Dinosaur Island. She hunted in a pack with her fellow velociraptors, Fred, and Sticks.


Dinosaur Island

Season 2

Haven't we been here before?

Jackie appears with,Sticks and Fred, stalking the plains.

I Hate Long Walks

Jackie and her family are stalking One-arm. After a short amount of time stalking, Jackie and Sticks quickly dispatch One-arm, while Fred sits out because of his age. After they kill One-arm, Fred and his family start to feast.

Silas Vs the Gastonia

As Silas hunts down a Leptoceratops, he ends up in a dispute with Jackie and Sticks, who were also about to kill of the Leptoceratops. As they fight, Fred drags away the carcass slowly. Eventually, Silas retreats, while the Velociraptors eat the Leptoceratops carcass.


Jackie and the rest are hunting. They choose Spike as there prey. Sticks is the first to attack Spike. He then calls upon the rest of the pack. After that Jackie,Fred,Sticks all begin to eat Spike alive. However Strack saves the day and chases them off. Saving Spikes life and Forcing the pack to retreat.

The Body Count Rises

Jackie and her pack are seen hanging out by a rock ledge, this being their new nesting place. But what Jackie,doesn't know is that they are being watched. And they are being stalked by Razor the Utahraptor. Razor first attacks Sticks. Jackie tries to defend her mate by attack and knocking Razor to the ground. However it is two late Sticks is dead. Jackie follows the same fate as after knocking Razor over. Razor rolls over crushing Jackie killing her.


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