Junior is an adult male Tyrannosaurus who is the son of Bloodtooth and was revealed as the father of Sabre.


Dinosaur Island Revival

Season 1


Junior approaches Sabre, after finally finding him, and he intends to stay with him. Junior and Sabre bond for a little bit, as Junior hasn't seen Sabre in over a year.

Junior then approaches Matthew who he has never seen before, as Junior left Sabre before Matthew was born. He goes up to Matthew and greets him through sniffing in order to get familiar with him.

Lost and Found

Junior and Sabre approach the Sauropod herd, and he and Sabre begin to move in.

Junior goes to attack Behemoth, biting down on his right leg and flank, whilst Sabre attacks Behemoths left side.

Sabre gets knocked down, but Junior continues his attack, causing immense damage to the Sauropod.

However, what Junior and Sabre fail to realize, is that Matthew has been carried away by a Pteranodon.

Luckily for Matthew, Junior spots him, and he and Sabre break of the hunt in order to pursue Matthew and the Pteranodon.

The Red Feast

Junior and Sabre continue their search for Matthew.

Season 2


Season 3



Dinosaur Island Revival

  • Season 1 - Episode 9: Homecoming
  • Season 1 - Episode 11: Lost and Found
  • Season 1 - Episode 12: The Red Feast

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  • Junior was driven away from Bloodtooth at a young age by Owen.
  • Junior and Red-sail have been confirmed to have had a significant history with one another, however, this history has yet to be shown in the show's Dinosaur Island and Dinosaur Island Revival respectively as of yet.