Please note that the list below in incomplete, as DI Revival is still in the making process.

Season 1 Edit

Episode number Episode name Thumbnail Description
Old Friends After 50 years, we return to Dinosaur Island, with a lot of changes.
The Heart of the Storm Snow hits the North side of the island, while we follow many dinosaurs as they go to the South side.
Clash As the Ceratopsian herd goes by, some Utahraptors stalk them.
Trouble in Paradise With Zeus gone, Orion becomes the new leader of the Ceratopsian herd. However, he takes it further than what the herd expected.
Back Track With Rocket all alone and nobody to protect him he crosses a large Brachiosaurus named Behemoth.
6 Royale As some of the dinosaurs are having some tuff times we see new faces and some old faces that have changed.
7 Nightmare As Matthew still can't find his Father he does make a new friend and we also follow a young Bloodtooth and learn about her past.
8 The Fall With the scavengers bringing a lot of corps' to there layer the get another new member and as for the Ceratopsians things are going to change for them.
9 Homecoming As the second half of the Ceratopsians try to find Zeus and the other half the get a new member however they are being watched by the Utahraptors, only one member of the herd will die and two relatives of two Dinosaurs from dinosaur island make an appearance.
10 Battle for the Dark Woodland The Utahraptors are prepared for war againest a Dilophosaurus pack led by the oldest dinosaur on the island.
11 Lost and Found As the some of the Dinosaurs are getting better and reunited, there are some the are not going to do so good.
12 The Red Feast An epic battle is going happen, the battle is between The Spinosaurs and a Giganotosaurs againest The Scavengers againest Junior, who will win?
13 A Happy Ending As we follow some Dinosaurs from the South side of the island we get a glimps of the Dinosaurs we will be following on the North side.

Season 2 Edit


Season 3 Edit


Season 4 Edit


Season 5 Edit


Season 6 Edit


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