The following is a list of dinosaurs from the series. Do note that this table is unfinished.

Species Name Picture Description
Tyrannosaurus Bloodtooth DSC07089 One of the most feared dinosaurs on the island is this agressive T. rex by the name of Bloodtooth.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Bloodtooth's brother
Tyrannosaurus Nigel
Bloodtooth and Grant's sub-adult son
Tyrannosaurus Little Tyrant
IMG 2119
Bloodtooth and Grant's Youngest son.
Tyrannosaurus Grant
Bloodtooth`s mate
Baryonyx Onyx DSC07051 Secondary main Character of Dinosaur island Season 1
Baryonyx Saurina DSC04457 Onyx`s mate.
Pachycephalosaurus Hammer DSC04462 Bloodtooth's arch Rival
Deinosuchus Jasper DSC04460 This giant crocodile was a great fear to many dinosaurs when they go to the Northern Watering Hole
Dimetron Dimey DSC06974 This Dimetron was just a short-lived minor character. At least he deserves a page.
Dilophosaurus Silas
A large male Dilophosaurus which was the main character of season 2.
Styracosaurus Strack
The son of Uno and Maggy.
Styracosaurus Maggy Uno's Mate.
Styracosaurus Spike (Dinosaur Island) Daughter of Uno and Maggy.
Styracosaurus Uno The leader of the styracosurus herd on dinosaur island.
Saltasaurus Salty
813WBEnavUL. SX522
Mark's mate.
Saltasaurus Mark
Salty's mate and one of the characters of season 2.
Microraptor Mike
A male Microrapter that lives in the trees.
Iguanadon Don Leader of the iguanadon herd.
Iguanadon Ian Don's second in command.
Iguanadon Neara Don's mate.
Iguanadon One-arm Don and Ian's Three legged herd member.
Spinosaurus Spiney
Red-Sail's father and one of the main characters of season 2.
Spinosaurus Red-sail Redsail Red-sail was an orphan at a young age, but made up for it. He is now a top predator and has a son.
Spinosaurus Anubis Red-sails son
Deltadromeus Delta One of the main Characters in Season 2
Deltadromeus Dongi Delta's mate
Velociraptor Sticks leader of a velociraptor pack
Velociraptor Jackie Sticks' mate
Velociraptor Fred Sticks and Jackie's son
Oviraptor Sunny A male Oviraptor
Kentrosaurus Bertha
A female kentrosaurus.
Concavenator Katy
A female Concavenator and one of the main characters in season 3
Parasaurolophus Para
Former leader of the ornithopod treo
Corythosaurus Corytha
A male Corythosaurus
Maiasaura Maia
A female Maisaria
Ankylosaurus Stoneback para's best friend
Uhtraraptor Razor
71Ymv+N7L7L. SX425
The alpha-male of the Uhtraraptor pack and one of the main characters of season three.
Uhtraraptor Violet Razors mate
Uhtraraptor Switchblade Razors and Violet's son
Yutyrannus Blizzard 81-aZipaf4L. SX522 BionicleSaurus's favorite character of the series.