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Dinosaur IslandEdit

Season 1 Edit

Stegosaurus Herd Edit

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The Stegosaurus herd is a group of reoccurring characters show cased in the first season of Dinosaur Island. They are most notorious for bathing in the lake on the North Side, as well as being hunted by Jasper and the Kronosaurus

Giganotosaurus Edit


Bloodtooth's son Edit


Carnotaurus Edit

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Carnotaurus was rarely spotted on Dinosaur Island, however, a pair of them was seen in Season 3. They made their first appearance in episode 4, where they team up on Red-sail. Since Red-sail is in no shape to fight, he quickly retreats, leaving the victory to them. They make their final appearance in episode 6, where they challenge Nigel to a fight over a carcass. However, the aftermath was never shown.

Monolophosaurus Edit


Red-Sail's Mate Edit


Kronosaurus (Season 1) Edit

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This Kronosaurus is a notable recurring character in Season 1. It was known for killing off a member of the Stegosaurus herd and a Pteranadon. Until now, nothing else is known about this Kronosaurus.

Brachiosaurus Herd (Season 3) Edit


Onyx's Son (Season 1) Edit

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Onyx's son made his debut in the episode Water Works. He also appeared in the first episode of season 2 in a montage. He lastly appeared in Return of the Old where he chases off a Suchomimus.

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Female PachycephalosaurusEdit