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Dinosaur IslandEdit

Stegosaurus HerdEdit


Giganotosaurus (Season 1)Edit


Bloodtooth's sonEdit


Carnotaurus (Season 3)Edit


One of the Carnotaurs

Carnotaurus was rarely spotted on Dinosaur Island, however, a pair of them was seen in Season 3. They made their first appearance in episode 4, where they team up on Red-sail. Since Red-sail is in no shape to fight, he quickly retreats, leaving the victory to them. They make their final appearance in episode 6, where they challenge Nigel to a fight over a carcass. However, the aftermath was never shown.

Monolophosaurus (Season 3)Edit


Red-Sail's MateEdit


Kronosaurus (Season 1) Edit

This Kronosaurus is a notable recurring character in Season 1. It was known for killing off a member of the Stegosaurus herd and a Pteranadon. Until now, nothing else is known about this Kronosaurus.

Brachiosaurus Herd (Season 3) Edit


DI Revival Edit

Female PachycephalosaurusEdit



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