Maggy is an adult female Styracosaurus, who appeared in Dinosaur Island Season 2.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Season 2 Edit

Maggy first appears in Dinosaur Island Season 2 Ep.1 Haven't We Been Here Before?, along with the rest of her herd. She then appears with the rest of the herd, moving through a jungle. With her and most of the herd not minding the journey. After making their way out of the jungle, she and the herd stumble across a pool of water. The herd moves in, only to see Uno get stuck in some quicksand. Maggie wants to help Uno, but they know the risks of failure. She then has a cunning plan. She walks over towards him, staying on dry land, and she tries to push him out with her horn, it seems to be working, however Uno gets another side of him stuck in the quicksand. Luckily Strack manages to pull him out with his beak, pulling on one of his horns. Then Maggy and the herd, are confronted, by the Deltadromeus, Dongi and Delta, as well as Silas. With them all unwittingly going to the same water source. Which most likely means a huge battle will begin. Silas then attacks Maggy, leaping onto her side, with Uno luckily knocking him off with a well placed strike. With the start of summer, the herd of Styracosaurs, as well as others, need to migrate as the summer heat has dried up most plant life in the area, forcing the herds into a great migration. Maggy then shows some strange behaviour, as she is seen to be standing away from the other members of the herd, and she doesn't seem to want to eat or drink. Not even her lifelong mate Uno, knows what is going on. But despite this, she must walk on, to survive the great migration. The herd seems to be coping just fine with the migration, even Maggie seems to be keeping up. She and the rest of the herd will continue without stopping.