Malachite is a male Tyrannosaurus who appears as the main protagonist in Prehistoric Island.

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Malachite is seen looking at Todd, a juvenile Triceratops instinctively, seeing him as prey. And as soon as it is in striking distance,and attacks. He bites down on the frill of the unsuspecting victim before Todd eventually shoves him off. The two stand off, with being unfazed at Todd's attempts to drive him off. He closes in, but suddenly, Theo charges in, driving him off. Two small to attack, he walks away, having to find food elsewhere. However will be back.

One Is the Loneliest Number Edit

Malachite is seen in ep2 as he drinks from the watering hole, quenching his thirst after recently eating a Ceratopsian. Life has been hard for him, ever since his family was killed by a Giganotosaurus, named Slayer and he has had to learn fast. then starts to rest under a tree, digesting his Ceratopsian dinner. Suddenly, a scent fills his nose, with something being familiar about it. He must investigate. As he wanders through the forest, the scent becomes stronger, as he reaches a clearing, it hits him. It's his families old territory. However, a roar signals the territory new owner, as cowers in fear. Malachite freezes, with the Slayer the Giganotosaurus that killed his parents standing right before him. He runs, with the Slayer hot on his tail. He reaches a clearing and hides in the thick brush, and it appears that Slayer is gone. However it surprises him and the predator shakes him around, screaming in pain. Luck, however, is with him, as an old male Ankylosaurus forces the Slayer to release his grip on. Wounded but alive, he runs into the forest. But the battle has only just begun.

The Fall of House T.rex Edit

Malachite rests under the shade of a tree. His encounter with Slayer has brought back memories of the day his family was killed by this monster. 2 years ago, he and his family lived in their former territory for many years. His father, Tyrant (Prehistoric Island), was the king of the Island. However, he and his family had one enemy, Gigantosaurus'. They often competed for the good of each of their families, but this day will be different. One that changed s life, forever. While his father is away hunting, his mother, Matilda, watched over Malachite and his siblings. There were 3 altogether, Himself, his brother and his sister. As Matilda rests, his brother explores the area around their home, unaware of the two huge Predators watching them. Malachite's brother is then suddenly killed by the female Giganotosaurus, with his mother Matilda attempting to fight her off. With Matilda gone, the two predators look for Malachite and his sister. He and his sister attempt to hide, as the huge predators search for them. However, Slayer has found them. Malachite can only watch in horror as his sister is devoured by the predator. His father then rushes in, with him managing to kill the female Giganotosaurus. Tyrant then focuses all of his attention onto Slayer, but Slayer gets the better of him by shoving 's father into the horns of a Triceratops carcass, impaling and killing his father. cannot believe what just happened, his whole family, dead. He had no choice but to retreat into the forest, and hide. He will have to learn fast if he is to survive. Though he is still traumatized over what happened, he knows he must avenge his family. But in order to do that, he has a lot of growing up to do.

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He was next seen following a herd of Sauropods for days now, trying to pick off one of the juveniles. Luckily one juvenile wanders away from the herd and takes the opportunity. However, a large female Apatosaurus notices him. , distracted by the tail, loses his prey as the juvenile runs back into the safety of the herd. Driven by hunger and desperation, attacks. In a flash, it is over. His jaw smashed by the tail of the Apatosaurus. And his day has gotten worse, Slayer the Giganotosaurus that killed his parents and siblings was also stalking the herd, and with s jaw broken, it appears his fate has been sealed.

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Malachite reappears years later now a fully grown T-rex, and scares of some Dinosaurs as he comes out of a forest. He then faces down with his old enemy, Todd.

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Malachite begins the attack, knocking Todd to the ground. He attempts to bite down on his neck, but Todd manages to break free. He has once again failed to bring Todd down, and he retreats back into the forest. After his failed hunt, he has successfully managed to bring down a young Stegosaurus, and he feasts ravenously. But he is unaware, that he is being watched. is then knocked to the ground by Slayer, then uses all of his strength to shake off his assailant. But he freezes, as this particular Slayer is still the one who killed his family. Still traumatized by that event, he backs down.

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He is next seen looking for a mate, constantly making calls for hours attempting to attract a female.

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It is unknown how he escaped from Slayer in se1 but he is still on his feet.