Melvin is an adult male Monolophosaurus who appears in Dinosaur Island Revival. He is a member of The Scavengers.

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Dinosaur Island Revival Season 1 Edit

Melvin first appears in Dinosaur Island Revival Ep.6 Royale, along with the rest of the Scavengers. He and the others are seen attacking Red-Sail, and Melvin bites down on Red-Sails arm. However he is knocked to the ground by Red-Sails feet. They eventually overpower and drive off Red-Sail. Their true intentions are shown, as they were intact trying to save Blizzard, from certain death. Melvin and the others want him to join their group, and the injured Blizzard gladly accepts. Melvin then appears in Ep.7, where he is seen along with Crash, eating the corpse of a Hatzegopteryx. He then appears in Ep.8, attacking a full grown Therizinosaurus. He manages to knock it over, but he requests back up nonetheless. After the rest of the pack arrive, Smokey manages to kill the Therizinosaurus with a bite to the neck. They then drag the corpse back to their lair. Which is full of stockpiled corpses. Melvin and the pack are some of the few dinosaurs to eat at their leisure, and not for survival. Melvin then rests, along with the rest of the pack. Melvin is shown to be quite lazy, in comparison to the rest of the pack.

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  • Melvin was originally going to be killed off alongside Crash, but the idea was scrapped in favour of continuing the Scavengers storyline.