Mike is a male Microraptor that appears in season 2 of Dinosaur Island.

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Dinosaur Island Edit

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Haven't We been here Before? Edit

Mike is shown climbling around a tree, navigating the plant.

He is searching for grubs, with him using his sharp talons to scrap off bark in order to reach this source of food.

He sticks his snout in the hole, and he comes out with a small grub in his mouth. He then eats it promptly.

Mike then glides off of to another tree in order to search for more food.

A Bad Meeting Edit

In the forest by the Northern Plains, Mike is having a nice day, climbing through the trees. But a new killer is coming, a killer that could potentially be a danger to the small dinosaur, a Gorgosaurus.

Mike, however, does not know of his attacker, and he makes a possibly fatal move in gliding to the ground in order to feed on some ants. Being on the ground, he is now vulnerable to the Gorgosaurus.

The predator charges, but Mike is quick to react, as he leaps into the trees in order to escape. He is now out of reach for now at least.

Later on in the day, Mike is still in his tree, with the Gorgosaurus waiting below. It appears, however, that the Gorgosaurus has dozed off. Mike assumes it is safe, and he glides down to the ground.

Mike is getting perilously close to the predator, but he must feed. He eats some small grubs and ants off of the ground. The sound of him eating, however, have woken up the Gorgosaurus.

The Gorgosaurus bites down on Mike's tail, getting a good hold on the small animal. Mike screams, as he frantically tries to escape. Luckily for Mike, however, the predator has made a fatal move.

The Gorgosaurus loses his footing on the hill he is on, and the predator ends up tumbling down to its death. Mike, has won.

New home, Old enemies Edit

Up in a tree, Mike appears. It appears that alongside the other animals that migrated across the north side of the island, Mike also migrated to this location.

Mike once again glides off from tree to tree.

Grave Edit

Mike, once again, continues to glide from tree to tree.

The End Edit

A little bit up a hill, Mike appears, drinking by a stream.


Appearances Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

  • Season 2 - Episode 1: Haven't We been here Before?
  • Season 2 - Episode 2: A Bad Meeting
  • Season 2 - Episode 4: New home, Old Enemies
  • Season 2 - Episode 11: Grave
  • Season 2 - Episode 13: The End

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Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the smallest dinosaurs on the island.
  • As of recently, Mike has become a joke/meme in the Dinosaur Island community, which has put Bionicle off from ever putting him back in the series.
  • He is a meme in many of Bioncilesaurus' and Camo Saurus' live streams.
  • A notable example of these jokes/memes is the "100000000000 mikes vs 200 blizzards".
  • It is unknown how Mike was able to migrate across the north side of the island with such a small size and his lack of powered flight.