Mike is a male Microraptor that appears in season 2 of Dinosaur Island.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

Season 2 Edit

"Haven't We been here Before?" Edit

Mike first appears in season 2 episode 1 "Haven't we been here before?" Where he is seen climbing some trees in the South region of the island. He then manages to prize out a grub from within one of the trees. He then eats it properly.

"A Bad Meeting" Edit

Then in episode 2, he makes a near fatal move by gliding to the ground. Where a Gorgosaurus attempts to attack him. However, he leaps into the trees and is now out of reach for the mean time. After a while, the Gorgosaurus takes a nap near to Mikes position. He sees this as an opportunity for food and takes the risk of death. His noise wakes up the Gorgosaurus, and it attacks once again. It gets a firm hold on Mikes tail, however, the Gorgosaurus slips down a hill and presumably dies. Mike then glides back into the trees with surprisingly little injury.

"New home, Old enemies" Edit

Then in episode 4 we see him somehow migrating from the other side of the island. How he did this without powered flight is very strange. Mike then appears in episode 9 being hunted by the male Spinosaurus, Spiney. However with his ability to glide, it makes him almost impossible to catch. This enrages the Spinosaurus and he continues the chase. However, Spiney gives up on the hunt to help his son Red Sail from the Oviraptor Sunny. Mike then resumes his day.

"Grave" Edit

He then appears in episode 11 as part of a recap of the fauna on this part of the island.

Appearances Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

  • Dinosaur Island Se2 Ep1
  • Dinosaur Island Se2 Ep2
  • Dinosaur Island Se2 Ep4
  • Dinosaur Island Se2 Ep11
  • Dinosaur Island Se2 Ep13

Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Mike has no competition since he lives in the trees.
  • He is one of the smallest dinosaurs on the island.
  • As of recently, Mike has become a joke/meme in the Dinosaur Island community, which has put Bionicle off from ever putting him back in the series.
  • He is a meme many of Bioncilesaurus' and Camo Saurus' live streams.
  • One of these memes is the "100000000000 mikes vs 200 blizzards."

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