Nigel is a sub-adult Tyrannosaurus, son to Bloodtooth and Grant. He is also one of two members of the tyrannosaurus pack to survive until the end of the series

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Dinosaur Island Edit

Nigel makes his first appearance in the second episode of season three along with Little Tyrant and Grant. He makes another appearance in season three episode 4, where he runs to far away from his pack in search of a Edmontosaurus and eventually gets lost. He makes another in Episode 6 where he is seen looking for food, but then encounters Blizzard and runs off. Later in the episode, he and Blizzard watch in amazement as a pair of Utahraptors, (Razor and Violet) take down a large sauropod. The carcass provides enough food for all the carnivores living in the area, including Nigel. However, just as Nigel satisfies his hunger, a pair of Carnotaurus' challenge him for the meat. Then, in episode 8, Nigel reunites with the pack. He makes his final appearance in the last episode of season 3, standing beside Bloodtooth.

Appearances Edit

  • DI Se3 Ep2
  • DI Se3 Ep4
  • DI Se3 Ep6
  • DI Se3 Ep8
  • DI Se3 Ep11
  • DI Se3 Ep12
  • DI Se3 Ep13
  • DI Se4 Ep8

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  • Not only were Nigel and Rex Nephew and Uncle but they were best friends until Rex was trampled to death by a herd of sauropods.
  • He is the brother of Little Tyrant.
  • It is unknown if he had a son.
  • Nigel (Dinosaur island) is not to be confused with Nigel (Prehistoric island).