Old friends is the first episode of Dinosaur Island Revival. It runs ten minutes and eighteen seconds.


The episode begins with a Hesperornis a small bird wondered into a hunting zone. then suddenly Blizzard has killed it and starts eating it, he hasn't eating in weeks and a storm is coming to the island. the winter the food was hard to find and Blizzard finally enjoys his meal and he is one of the oldest dinosaurs to live on Dinosaur island. Blizzard is next seen hunting a Pachycephalosaurus, but before he can strike he sees an Adult male Spinosaurus that turns out to be Red-Sail, and takes down the Pachycephalosaurus to the ground and rips its flesh, then he turns to Blizzard and scares him away, Red-Sail then picks up the Pachycephalosaurus and eats it Swallowing it hole. Red-sails sail is no longer red but its visible. We then see one of our new characters, Rocket the baby Brachiosaurus and his brother had hatched out of there eggs and they have walked into a world of horror, Rocket then sees the corps of a baby Apatosaurus, and Rockets brother slowly catches up to him and looks and the Apatosaurus and discovers its a cruel world, They turn around to see an Apatosaurus being attacked by an Anhanguara and it kills the Apatosaurus baby. Rocket stands still with fear but his brother was killed by a Hatzegopteryx, not realizing that the Hatzegopteryx is behind Rocket it goes in for the kill but Rocket however managed to escape and hinds in a bush. Suddenly a Pteranodon picks up Rocket but a Quetzalcoatlus appears out of no where kills the Pteranodon and Rocket is safe for now.

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