Orion is a male Torosaurus who appears in Dinosaur Island Revival. He is a member of the Ceratopsian Herd.

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Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

Orion made his debut in the second episode of Dinosaur Island Revival where he and the rest of his herd encounter Drax the Daxiatitan, who is eventually accepted into the herd by Zeus. In episode 3 he is seen with the rest of his herd then the Utahraptor pack attacks and one Zeus calls for Orion to help him when the raptors are attacking him Orion leaves him to die then in episode three he claims the throne as leader of the herd when all the members are together again Orion wants them to go to conquer new land, however, the rest of the herd does not want to go then he attacks riggly and then pushing the kids around and stomping on Zeus's son and then Zeus comes and knocks over Orion, and he is banished from the herd.

Then finally an episode six He makes a comeback with another herd when combined with Zeus s herd then in episode eight they cross the great divide where are the raptors attack and Orion falls off a cliff with others The next episode they are once again attacked by the raptors and Orion successfully makes an escape

Then Orion makes a short sighting whith half of the herd and this is also his final appearance for the season

Appearances Edit

episode 2 heart of the storm

episode 3 Clash

episode 4 trouble in paradise

episode 6 Royal

episode 8 The fall

episode 9 Homecoming

episode 11 Lost and found

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