Rex was a male Tyrannosaurus and member of Bloodtooth's pack. He is now known to have been the brother of Bloodtooth.


Dinosaur Island

Season 3

A New Beginning

Rex has a plan in order to hunt Hammer. Hammer tries to travel up the waterfall, as she thinks this is the best way to avoid the Tyrannosaurus. However, Rex's plan is to thrust a huge rock down the waterfall in order to knock her down. Hammer has little time to move, and she is knocked to the ground. The Tyrannosaurs look down, to see Hammer dead, however, she is actually playing dead. Unfortunately for the Tyrannosaurs, they are slightly dimwitted as they fall for it. And they begin to take the long way around the cliff to get her. However, by the time they reach the bottom, Hammer is gone.

The Hunt

Rex is quickly seen hunting and eating a Pachyrhinosaurus with the rest of his family.

Northern Drought

Rex is seen with the rest of the pack trying and failing to hunt down a Hadrosaur and loosing Nigel.


It is revealed that Rex is the one who misses Nigel the most. After Nigel goes missing. It is also revealed that the other members of his family pick on him. Except for Nigel apparently.


Rex and the rest of his family have a reunion with Nigel.

A Tough Journey

Rex and the rest of the T rex family go on a long migration in order to survive. Everything is going well until a herd of Sauropods stamped at the T-Rex's. Everyone gets out of the way Except for Rex who gets trampled to death.


Dinosaur Island

  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep1
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep2
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep4
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep6
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep8
  • Dinosaur Island, Se3 Ep11

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Community Perspective





  • Rex is not named after his species, Tyrannosaurus rex, but rather he is named after the Toy Story character Rex.
  • Rex was first thought to be Bloodtooth's mate until season 3, where it was revealed that Grant was Bloodtooth's mate.
  • He appears to be the least popular member of the Tyrannosaurus Pack as very few fans were upset with his death.
  • Because Rex died in the same episode as his nephew Little Tyrant, Rex's death was subsequently overshadowed, as Tyrant had more of a following than his uncle before their subsequent demises.