Riggley is an adult female Xenoceratops, who is a member of the Ceratopsian herd.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Revival Season 1 Edit

Riggley first appears in Dinosaur Island Ep.2 The Heart Of The Storm, where she is seen with the rest of his herd. She along with the rest, are on a migration to the south side of the island, to get out of the chilling winter, and to make to it to new, warmer feeding ground. Riggley then appears in Ep.3 Clash, and she, and the rest of the herd have made it to the south of the island, where they are seen grazing. Riggley then successfully chases off Rocket, who attempted to join the herd. She and the rest of the herd are then attacked by the pack of Utahraptors, with Zeus telling the herd to retreat into the forest, with Riggley following up with the order. Riggley is then spotted by an exhausted Spike, however he is then killed by the advancing Utharaptor pack, and Riggley walks on, not even noticing him. After the attack on the herd, most of the herd is separated, and only a few have managed to regroup. Riggley however manages to find the herd, and Orion comes to greet her. Showing her who's boss. Riggley never liked Orion, and she always preferred Zeus. With him gone however, she'll have to follow Orions rules. When Orion wants to move out, the herd does not follow, and they look at him, like he's crazy. They have all been walking for days on end, and they are too tired to go. However Riggley can't stand for Orions will to go on. And in a full blown rage, Orion attacks her, piercing her lung and knocking her to the ground. Severely injuring her. She manages to get up, however, and with Zeus back, the herd rest, and then move out. Then in Ep.6 the herd stops, as they see Sabre, eating the carcass of a Guanlong. The herd is then attacked by the Utahraptor pack again, and Riggley and Crimson, guard the young. However, she is surprised by an attack by another Utahraptor, and she tries to fend it off. Luckily, a passing herd notices the fight, and they help to fend off the Utahraptors. With Strack managing to fend off the Utahraptor that was attacking Riggley. After the battle ends. Track challenges Zeus for control over the herds, as there can only be one leader. With Zeus managing to win, much to Riggleys favour. Riggley then leaves with the huge herd. Who are moving out once again. Little does she know however, she and the rest of the herd are being watched.