Saurina is a female Baryonyx and the mate of Onyx. She appears in the later half of season one in Dinosaur Island.

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Saurina makes her first appearance in episode nine of season one where she appears to be fighting Onyx for a fish. Saurina makes a minor appearance in episode 10, where she digs a nest and lays eggs. Then she appears in episode 11, where she and Onyx are attacked by a Giganotosaurus. With shock and confusion, she heads back to her nest to check on her eggs. She makes another short appearance in episode 12, where she is seen with the rest of her comrades. Saurina makes her final appearance in the last episode of season 1 where she is seen eating an aquatic reptile that Onyx caught. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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  • Se1 Ep9
  • Se1 Ep10
  • Se1 Ep11
  • Se1 Ep12
  • Se1 Ep13

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  • Saurina only appeared in the latter half of season 1.