Silas is a large male Dilophosaurus who appears in Dinosaur Island, as well as Dinosaur Island Revival.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Edit

Season 2 Edit

Haven't We Been Here Before? Edit

Silas makes his first appearance in the episode Haven't We Been Here Before?. He is seen hunting a Kentrosaurus called Bertha, however, he loses the element of surprise and he ends up retreating into the brush. He then continues his search for food, and he finds a dried up riverbed, and inside is a dead lungfish. He then eats for the first time in 2 months.

A Bad Meeting Edit

Silas looks for a watering hole as well as a good meal. He then spots an easy meal, being a baby Diplodocus. He moves in for the kill, however, the mother appears, and Silas realizes he cannot take on a full grown Diplodocus and he retreats. Silas then runs into the Styracosaurus herd as well as Delta and Dongi. He then attacks Maggy, but is knocked off by Uno. He then retreats along with Delta and Dongi.

I Hate Long Walks Edit

Then in Season 2, Ep.3 he is seen stalking the Styracosaurus herd, waiting for the perfect opportunity for a kill.

New Home, Old Enemies Edit

He appears again in Ep.4 stalking Spike, the recently hatched Styracosaurus. However,Maggy spots him and she drives him away. He then leaves to stalk Don and Ian, however, when he starts his attack, he and Spiney confront each other as they both attacked at the same time. Spiney then tries to attack him, but Silas runs into the brush and hides, successfully evading the gigantic predator. After his failed hunt, Silas manages to find a large nest with four gigantic eggs, and he then successfully breaks into one and eats the undeveloped embryo.

Dino Crime Trail Edit

Silas is seen in a preview for the next episode.

Silas VS Gastonia Edit

Then in Season 2, Episode 6 he successfully brings down a Leptoceratops, and he begins to feast. However, Jackie and Sticks approach Silas and they attempt to steal the kill from him. He manages to throw off Sticks, however, while he's distracted, Fred, Sticks and Jackie's baby, drags off the carcass. Then through the combined efforts of Jackie and Sticks, they manage to knock Silas over. He then retreats having lost the kill. He then finds a large Gastonia and attacks it despite the risks. However, he gets hit by the Gastonia's tail spikes. He luckily manages to regain his footing, and he continues the assault. He manages to jump on the Gastonia's back but the Gastonia knocks him off. He then bites deeply into the Gastonia's head and waits for it to bleed to death. Silas then rolls the Gastonia down a hill, and he delivers the killing blow.

Tough Love Edit

Silas is seen in a preview for the next episode.

An Odd Alliance Edit

Then in Season 2, Episode 8, Silas spots a Giganotosaurus and he decides to eliminate the competition, as food is becoming scarce. He attacks it, and he manages to rip off one of the Giganotosaurus hand. Then Delta and Dongi attack, slicing its sides with their toe claws. Then Silas decides to form an alliance, with the two predators for mutual safety, and they attack the Giganotosaurus together. Silas then successfully kills the Giganotosaurus with a bite to the neck.

Danger Edit

Then in Season 2, Episode 9, he attacks and kills a Maiasaura, he then calls out for Dongi and Delta, to eat the carcass with him. They now hunt together and live together in peace.

Under Water Battle

Silas is seen in a preview for the next episode.

Grave Edit

Silas and the two Deltadromeus then stalk a Kentrosaurus, the same one Silas saw in Ep.1, Bertha. Silas tries to chase Bertha towards the Deltadromeus and they attack her. They successfully bite through the jugular, killing her. And because Silas is the largest and most powerful, he eats first. They then see the same Spinosaurus that attacked Uno in Ep.1 fighting once more. They are just about to attack Maggy and Spike, however, Uno saves them. They then see Spiney being killed by jasper, all of them watching in awe.

The Body Count Rises Edit

A herd of Orodromeus are unknowingly being stalked. The stalker is Silas. He then kills one with a snap to the neck. Then Delta Catches another Orodromeus. And lastly Dongi kills the other two Orodromeus. Silas, Delta, and Dongi have successfully wiped out a flock of Orodromeus. Dongi Delta and Silas are all taking a nap when they are woken up by a herd of Hadrosaurs. They take this as an opportunity and go on the hunt. They kill multiple members of the herd and catch more meat then they can eat.By the end of it only two Hadrosaurs are left alive.

The End Edit

Silas makes his final appearance in Dinosaur Island, on the final episode of Season 2. He leaves Dongi and Delta in search for a mate, giving one final farewell to this side of the island.

Season 4 Edit

Cut to the Chase Edit

Delta and Silas see a Styracosaurus. They then attack in synchrony. They both inflict wounds on the Styracosaurus. The Styracosaurus then collapses from blood loss and Delta and Silas feast.

Farewell to Kings Edit

Delta and Silas accidentally intrude on Razor's territory. Switchblade then attacks Silas. Forcing Silas and Delta to flee.

We Hold On Edit

Delta stops hunting with Silas. As well she is not eating at all. Silas knows something is wrong with Delta but he doesn't know what. Delta only rests.

Losing It Edit

Silas returns from a unsuccessful hunt. He then walks home and sees that Delta has died due to disease while Silas was gone hunting.   

Distant Early Warning Edit

Michael has found himself deep in the Dark Woodland. And near him, something unexpected is occurring. Then, all of a sudden, he is blindsided by Silas. Luckily for the small carnivore, his natural speed and reflexes save his life, as he runs off between the trees. Silas is now close to starvation without Delta by his side.

War Paint Edit

Silas is still struggling to survive without Delta. He is close to starving to death when he finds a suitable prey item. A Medusaceratops, he then manages to chase and kill it with last strength he has. He now has a chance of surviving now.

In The End the Calm Edit

Silas becomes a top predator because of Dark-Claw's death.   

Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

Season 1 Edit

Battle For The Dark Woodland Edit

Silas reappears, accompanied by a pack of his own. He and the rest of his pack are challenging the pack of Utahraptors for the territory of the Dark Woodland. These battles have been going on for centuries, with the Dilophosaurus winning most of the time. However the Utahraptors have insisted the help of a pack of Deinonychus to assist them in their fight, however, they are a mere distraction to Silas and his pack. The battleground is eerily silent, each side staring each other down. Silas orders their pack to charge and the battle begins. Silas easily takes down a Deinonychus, before being knocked down by Shadow. And he is then attacked by Allan. Eventually, the entire Deinonychus pack is wiped out, and the battle seems to lead in Silas and his packs favor. However, Allan lures in a female Acrocanthosaurus, which subsequently attacks the Dilophosaurus pack. The Acrocanthosaurs has now turned the tides. Silas accepts that he has been beaten, and walks away.

Lost and Found Edit

Silas and the Scavengers have been enjoying killing a lot of Dinosuars. However the corpses are attracting Mosquitos and pterosaurs. However Silas and couple others still keep watch of there kills regardless.

Red Feast Edit

Melvin battles Red-Sail,Anubis, and a Giganotosaurus. Silas attacks the Giganotosaurus and dose not do that much otherwise.

A Happy Ending Edit

We find out about Silas and his family. Vickie and his son Barney all feast on a giant dead Brachiosaurus.

Season 2

On The Move Edit

Silas and his family have migrated to the North side of Dinosaur Island. Although Silas is not seen at first. He returns with a meal a dead Pachycephalasaurus. He then eats with the rest of his family.

A New Threat Edit

Silas prepares for Vickie to lay her egg. He will then have to do a lot of hunting. It then ends on a cliff hanger as Grey-Fang attacks Silas's family.

Brawl Edit

Everyone escapes form Grey-Fang unsathed except for Silas.

Anarchy Edit

Silas and his family are all running away from the fire however Silas gets crushed by a branch. The rest of his family escapes though.

Slaughter Edit

Vickie is still recovering from the Criolophasaurus attack. However the Criolophasaurus is back and attacks Vickie again. However this time Silas is to the rescue and defeats the Criolphasaurus. The pack is reunited once again

Season 3

Family Edit

The Criolophasaurus is back to and Silas again fends him off. However is hurt even worse then last time. She is still alive.

Let the Games Begin Edit

Silas is trying to deal with her mother Vickie's bite becoming infected and she is struggling to survive.

The End of an Era Edit

Silas keeps a watchful eye on Vickie and his daughter. Then Sawtooth arrives. Silas gives it his all to save Vickie. However he fails. Even with additional help from Barney. Silas then tries to avenge Vickie when Sawtooth kills her. By gauging out Sawtooth's eye. Sawtooth then severely injures him. Before he can kill Silas. Silas tells Barney to take his sister and himself away. Silas then looks at Vickie so that his mate is the last thing he sees before he dies. Silas then dies

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Dinosaur Island Edit

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Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Silas is the first carnivore to form a friendship/alliance with another predator/predators.
  • Silas along with Bloodtooth is one of the most recurring characters on Dinosaur Island
  • Silas is the fifth character to be inducted into the Dinotube Hall Of Fame