Smokey is an adult male Albertosaurus who appears in Dinosaur Island Revival, as the leader of the Scavengers.

History Edit

Dinosaur Island Revival Edit

Season 1 Edit

Royale Edit

Smokey first appears in Dinosaur Island Revival Ep.6 Royale and he and the rest of The Scavengers are seen attacking Red-Sail, who was in the process of killing Blizzard. Smokey is the last to attack of the other scavengers, and after this, they overpower Red-Sail. After the attack, the Scavengers introduce themselves to Blizzard, with him subsequently joining them.

The Fall Edit

In episode 8, we see smokey and the rest of the scavengers hunt and kill a therizinosaurus, and drag it back to their lair, which already has other corpses in it. Smokey and the scavengers Don't do much through the series except recruit new members of the scavengers, Fury the Allosaurus, Shadow the Utahraptor, And Silus the Dilophosaurus, Until Episode 12 The Red Feast. In this episode, The scavengers are defeated by Red-Sail's family, and all of the members are either killed or run away. Smokey was the last member to surrender to the Spinosaurs, in which he finally runs away. It is unknown where Smokey is now.

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