Sticks is the father of Fred, and the mate of Jackie, and is a minor character in Dinosaur Island season 2.


Dinosaur IslandEdit

Season 2Edit

Haven`t we been here before?Edit

Sticks and the rest of his family appear following a large herd of herbivores along with other predators.

I Hate long WalksEdit

Sticks and his family continue following the herd on their migration, attempting to find a suitable target.

Eventually, they decide on hunting the most vulnerable member of the herd, One-Arm. Sticks along with the others move in for the kill, and then, he and the rest of his family attacks.

Sticks claws at the side of One-Arm, with the rest of his family joining in. They end up dispatching One-Arm, with them, at last, killing the animal.

The Body Count RisesEdit

Sticks and his family are hanging out on a rock ledge, which is, in fact, their new nesting place. However what Sticks doesn't know, is that he and his family are being watched by a Utahraptor, Razor. Razor then attacks, knocking Sticks to the ground with a powerful kick, which, in turn, kills him instantly. His mate Jackie then follows the same fate.


  • DI Se2 Ep1
  • DI Se2 Ep3
  • DI Se2 Ep12


Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.14.16 PM

Sticks and his family stalking the plains.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 12.00.55 PM

Sticks attacks One-arm

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 11.59.18 AM

Sticks stalking the herd.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 12.06.10 PM

Sticks right before he is killed by Razor.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 12.03.52 PM

Sticks and his family on a rocky plateau.


  • There is a family of Velociraptors in DI Revival that are very similar to the original raptor pack
  • Sticks and his family are some of the few characters to actually be called minor characters in the show itself.