Tyrannosaurus is a genus of Tyrannosaurid dinosaur on Dinosaur Island that is the top predator of the South side of the island.


We know from Dinosaur Island that there is gender differences in Tyrannosaurus. Males being green and Females being maroon. The dark patches along there backs are actually feathers, Males having dark green and Females having black feathers. the reason for the different colours are likely for differentiation and camouflage. Youngsters start off with a full coat of feathers which eventually is lost for scales, they are also brown when young which for females changes slightly too maroon but males go green and while sub-adult the head remains brown until full maturity.


Dinosaur IslandEdit

Tyrannosaurus was a feared dinosaur in the Southern side, eating any dinosaur they find in its path, and strike fear in dinosaur's hearts. But when resources became scarce for the pack, they had no choice but to move to the North side. There, they had a fight with Red-sail the Spinosaurus. Unfortunately, most of the pack was eliminated by the Spinosaurus, with only 2 remaining.


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Known TyrannosaurusesEdit

  • Sarah


  • While most tyrannosaurus's on the island loose feathers as they grow, tyrant seems to be an exception to this rule, as he grew up with almost no loss of feathers