Hey guys! BorgyDudeMan`s back for another Dino Digest issue on Dinosaur Island Wikia! In this issue, I will smash your childhood memories from Jurassic Park.

For those whose childhood has been ruined, I`m sorry. Get out if you don`t want this.

  • Dilophosaurus. Remember those so-called 'Spitters' or 'Dilos' you`ve heard off? Sorry to say, but on Dilophosaurus

, they don`t do that. Rather than frilled venom spitters, they are around 6 meters long with no venom or frills at all!

  • Velociraptor. OK. The media is COMPLETELY WRONG. So so wrong. Why are these Velociraptor

s the size of a Utahraptor? Why the heck do they resemble a Deinonychus ? Why not a dromeosaur the size of your pet dog and has feathers?

  • Troodon. By the time you`ve read this, you must be playing Telltale Games` "Jurassic Park:The Game", which depicts Troodon

s as venomous, and a bite of them will make you go berserk and hours later, death. No. Seriously. Just no.

Anyways, you like this issue of Dino Digest?

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