Now we`re back! I just got a new idea, and it is about the King of the Panthalassa ocean! So basically, all the oceans were once combined into a mega ocean called Panthalassa! But as Pangea broke up, so did the Panthalassa ocean. eventually they are now where they are today!

So let`s just look at the candidates:

. Wait, what? Giant sharks rule the sea? Yes! Megalodons were absolutely giant sharks! Bigger than the Great White! If it were in the ocean today, we`re comepletely doomed.

. OK the absolutely largest fish in existence is this Leedsichthys. While the length is under a debate, it could most likely be 16 meters. Like other plankton-eating animals at that time, Leedsichthys was likely a migratory, nomadic creature, travelling around the world in search of plankton. Its giant sized protected it from smaller predators, like Hybodus , a prehistoric shark, and Metriorhynchus , an aquatic crocodilian, but the bigger carnivores, the pliosaurs, were probably a regular threat to this giant. Woah!

. OMG! This thing has a very powerful jaw bite among all sea creatures (thank God it no longer exists!)! What`s more, it`s bite is well ahead sharks, and it`s estimated bite fore is around 3,628 kg per square inch at the tip of its mouth!

So, did you like this issue?

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