When you were a kid, you probably loved dinosaurs. But now that you`re big, this issue will gross you out. Yikes! Let`s get started!

5.Dinosaur Poop is Quite Big
Yikes! Talk about taking a 5 kilometer dump! In 1990, a giant dump was discovered, which is 2/3 of a gallon! Paleontologists are fairly certain that this sample was owned by a Tyrannosaurus, but it could have been bigger! (Plus, they never wipe!)
4.Tyrannosaurus Snot is Usually Tons of Liters Huge!
Seriously. Scientists who used 3-D imagery figured out the size of this king`s snot! They also calculated that their skulls are the same as the starting line up of the Detroit Pistons. But still, despite that, most of the skull is filled with sinus cavities that can fill up liters of snot.
3.One-Inch long Fleas!
Well, we have hair termites on our hair, while dinosaurs had one-inch long fleas. Oh yes, in 2013, Chinese scientists discovered a new species of an ancient flea that was 0.8 inches in length. Since dinosaur skin was really touch, their needles are razor sharp (forget about the feathers BTW).
Hahaha! When even a Utahraptor or a Tyrannosaurus gets hungry, their first choice is a member of their own pack (as well as it`s parasites)! Carnivorous dinosaurs even prefer the youngest prey! Sound dino-licious, huh?
1.There is nothing NOT gross about dino s**
You know what? This section is censored! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************.

Anyways, thanks for reading this issue of Dino Digest! Peace!

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