Those guys at Pixar. They never work it out....

Anyways, have you watched "The Good Dinosaur" movie? Well, I hope you did. And in this issue, I will be pointing out the accuracies and inaccuracies of the movie!

Point #1:FTW very smart dinos
Forget the fact that the dinosaurs talk (since it was for the good of the movie). Most dinosaurs were very dumb, having brains only the size of most fruits and vegetables. Plus, the family of the main protagonist, Arno, even built a farm AND a house. Very crazy.
Point #2:Humans?!?!?!
Hang on a second. There was a large gap between the Mesozoic era and the present, so how the heck DID Spot manage to survive and go berserk? Let`s all never mind and simply assume that the movie took place in the Cretaceous period.
Point #3:Reviewing the Dinosaurs
Let`s all see the appearing dinos (in chronological order)
(Beginning screen only, plus, I nickname `em Parasaurs)
(I nickname `em Styracos)
(I nickname `em T. rexes)
Hang on a minute. I see that the three pterasaurs mentioned above are not from the same time. While the Nyctosaurus and Caulkicephalus are from the late Cretaceous, the Ludodactylus is from the early Cretaceous! Heck, even the Velociraptors are the size of a Utahraptor (again). -_-

Anyways, what do you say about this issue?

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