So let`s say something. Can we clone dinosaurs one day? And even keep them as a pet?

Well spotted! Welcome to the latest Dino Digest blog about the future of dinosaurs! Now let`s get started.

Can we Clone Dinosaurs?
Well, obviously, there`s a chance that the answer is an absolute no. I mean, look at it. Everything we see in the Jurassic Park franchise involves scientifically inaccurate dinosaurs (er clones) so even if we can clone every extinct creature in this planet, we may never know.
The Changing Information
Sometimes everything we knew about dinosaurs was later proved wrong. Take the Scelidosaurus
as an example. Only a few fossil fragments from this creature was discovered, making the paleontologists believe it was an aquatic reptile, until a more complete version was found.
See what I mean? I mean look. What if new info discovered that the Tarbosaurus
was a fake and is a Tyrannosaurus

? Well, just consult the scientists.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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