Ahh, finally! It`s here! Welcome to the eighth issue of Dino Digest. It`s been a long time since I posted blogs like this! So here are 5 theories that (may) explain their extinction!

And BTW, things like these may be posted less or more because of my busy scedule.

5. Their dumbness may result in giving them mental disorders
There is evidence that many of the large dinosaurs, must have had very small brains in comparison to their total body size, possibly as small as a kitten's brain. With such small brain capacity responses to the surrounding environment would have been so slow that they could not compete with faster thinking animals that have evolved in the Cretaceous period.
4. Increasing entropy
Entropy is a measure of the disorder of the molecules in substances. Large organisms like dinosaurs are seen to be more ordered than small organisms. If this would have increased that is would result in less order and the eradication of larger organized life forms.
3. Dispersal of angiosperms
Flowering plants are very efficient at producing oxygen, which will increase the rate of metabolism in animal tissue. If this rate is too high, especially in large animals, they may not be able to eat sufficient food to survive.
2. Fungi (really?!)
A rapid evolution of fungi, especially poisonous species, may have contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs.
1. Asteroids
There is proof that an asteroid Over 9 miles wide stuck the earth on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula, in the Gulf of Mexico. Asteroids happen every now and then today, but a big one would be the size of a basketball nowadays. A 9 mile long asteroid would change atmosphere all over the world. Massive forest fires would spread through countries, severe storms all over the world, poor air quality, ocean to ocean tidal waves, and probably the worst thing ever: It would eliminate ALL sunlight for longer than 6 months. This would surely kill 70% of all life forms. The only that would survive would be smaller animals hiding out through this destruction.

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