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As you may know, Dinosaur Island Season 4 will come out later this year. This new season might have characters, new and old, and the events that took place between Season 3 and DI Revival. While the fandom is going in a situation of the so-called "overhype", let`s look back and see how the series started as a humble, and amateurely made toymation to an epic YouTube-based dinosaur documentary.

The Plot

The plot of the story is simple. It takes place on the North side of the island, and shows how life is like on the island there. The series starts off during a drought. While starting like this, anyone new to the series will think that the dinos will die out soon, only for the drought to end by episode 4. Quite a bit of deception.But the action intesifies over some of the next episodes. An earthquake in the 5th episode, where our favorite Bloodtooth is thought to have died! A Pachycephalosaurus trying to retreat to the South to escape the cold winds! Many were forced to adapt to the snow or retreat to the south in the 11th episode! Season 1 basically had episodes on natural disasters. Except for some.

The Characters

While it is the first season, the characters were mostly anonymous dinosaurs. Most of them never had names until later, and only the named ones returned for appearances in the next seasons. My favorite unamed character was the Kronosaurus in the Stegosaur Lake, while a greater fan favorite was the Stegosaurus herd.


Most of the action featured here would continue on to later seasons and it`s successor, Dinosaur Island Revival. We have seen hunting scenes, the classic Tyrannosaurus vs Triceratops battle, and some blood. My most favorite action scene here was in Another Day, where we saw a battered up Bloodtooth take down a Giganotosaurus!

Overall Rating

So far, I could consider this season a humble beginning to the series, and I will give it a rating of "Very Good".

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