Well, its me, ANightDazingZoroark (formerly known as BorgyDudeMan). Today, I want to announce something heartbreaking. And it is that I will retire.

Yes. It's true. I will retire. The main reason why is because I have lost interest in the Dinosaur Island and Prehistoric Island series. And another reason why is because I need to cut out some activities because I have plans to make this awesome mobile video game and I have lots of homework given to me by a tutorial center my parents enrolled me in.

And as for Dino Digest and the part four of those reviews, I hope someone will revive those. And as for the Twitter page, DM me your e-mail so that I will send you the Twitter account's details. And if anything goes wrong with editing on the wiki, DM me also about that on Twitter! My Twitter name is "@nightdazer", and I am active almost everyday there (as of August 1 though, my parents will sadly confiscate my gadgets so I will only be active on weekends starting on the aformentioned day).

Yes, its very sad news to all you guys. I made awesome friends here, and I'm so sad to leave you. But I have to....

....goodbye ;-;

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